Sassafras has  been working with and writing about dogs for over a decade for a variety of publications including viral content on and articles in The Bark magazine, PawCulture and others.

In hir late teens Sassafras was an active dog sports trainer and competitor. In 2000 Sassafras and hir dog and were honored as the top novice/open agility team by the Pacific Northwest’s Columbia Agility Team. Sassafras went on to competed at the Elite level of the sport in NADAC, USDAA, and AKC competitions. She also  trained in competitive Obedience and Tracking.

After a break from training to pursue writing  Sassafras has returned to training and has become  a Certified Trick Dog Instructor. Sassafras assists with dog agility classes in NYC, and plans to begin teaching trick classes in the near future.

Sassafras is passionate about inspiring others to have better and more fun relationships with their dogs!Looking to explore the sport  trick with your dog? Sassafras is happy to walk you through the process to start competing (via video submission) with your dog in the fun sport of trick dog!