I’ve gotten behind on my posting this summer, but I haven’t been slacking in the writing department! I’ve finished revisions on ¬†my next novel Foam and have started to query it. I’ve also been writing a lot of articles, and thinking a lot about my future writing goals, and sustainability of the kind of writing I want to do.

I’ve been selected to be a mentor in the AWP writer to writer program this fall so expect updates about that! Next month i’ll be on the road to Utica College in upstate New York, and then to Los Angeles to give the Keynote at the EDGY conference for providers working with LGBTQ youth!

I’ve been keeping up with my book a week reading – check out what I’ve been reading by friending me on Goodreads.com

I have of course still been actively posting micro-blogs and updates daily on my social media: facebook/twitter/tumblr/instagram! follow me there (you’ll also get to see lots of pictures of my adorable dogs)!