September in review + some big announcements!

After a summer of not being the best at keeping my blog updated i’m hoping ot get back to my monthly blog post! As usual I’m best at keeping things updated on my social media pages: facebook/twitter/tumblr/instagram but I will try to keep things more active here!
September went by so quickly! Idid a lot of writing, and a lot of playing. Kestryl and I took the dogs on our annual  gaycation to Ptown! Ptown is one of my favorite places in the entire world, and being there for a week with my family is one of the highlights of my year. It was extra fun this year because it was baby Sirius’ first time traveling and her first visit to Ptown! She did great and we all had an amazing time!
I’ve finished the manuscript for my next novel ‘Foam’ and have my ::fingers crossed:: for some news about its fate later this fall! In the meantime I briefly toyed wtih the idea of challenging myself to do a 90 day novel writing challenge – but I decided that wasn’t a very realistic goal with everything else on my plate righ tnow.
I’ve been doing lots of writing for Dogster and my monthly Curve column – follow me on social media for updates and links to all the articles I’m working on!
Sassafras On Tour!
I will be doing a couple of trips this fall, actualy both in October!
Utica College:
Wednesday October 4th I will be at Utica College in Utica, New York. I’ll be featured at The Professor Harry F. and Mary Ruth Jackson Lunch Hour Series reading from ‘Lost Boi’ and talking with students!
EDGY National Conference
Friday, October 27th I’m giong to be in Los Angeles giving the keynote at this year’s EDGY conference speaking to youth workers and social ervice providers about “embracing identities” and working with LGBTQ youth! In the LA area? registration is still open!
AWP Writer to Writer Mentorship Program:
This autumn I’m keeping busy as one of the Mentors in the AWP Writer to Writer Mentorship Program! It’s a really fun, dynamic  program and I’m super thrilled/honored to be part of it alongside such incredible mentors! My mentee is Chelsea Catherine . We are already having a great time talking about queer writing, goal setting, publishing goals, and that’s just our first module!! She and I will be working closely together in this AWP program for the next three months!
What I’m Reading: 
Still trign to keep up with my book a week reading goals! Follow me on goodreads for an updated list of what I’ve been reading but my favorite books I read this month is probably a tie between “Brown Girl Dreaming” (I have no idea how it took me so long to read this book #embarassing) and “The Enchanted” which was nothing like I expected but pretty incredible.
I’m keeping busy with all things dogs as much as I can! Beyond writing a number of dog lifestyle, health adn trainign focused pieces for pet publications I’m keeping busy wtih my own dogs.  Charlotte earned her Advanced Trick Dog Title over the summer, and Sirius earned her Intermediate Trick Dog Title.   Sirius and I are continuing to train in the sport of Rally obedience and are having lots of fun being back at our weekly class.  I’m also back to assisting at Agility classes!
pssssssssst i’m going back to school! 
Soooooo I’ve been keeping a secret – a kinda big one. I’ve applied to Grad School and been accepted! Beginning in January I”m going to be entering the Goddard College MFA program  focusing on Fiction.  I’ve said a lot of critical things about MFA programs over the years, and I defintiely don’t think that you need an MFA to be a successful writer, my literary career is certainly proof of that. BUT there are some doors that having a terminal degree can open for me – and I’m ready and excited to step through those doors and start this new chapter that I hope will let me fulfill some goals  of mine.  The program is low residency so I have to go to “bording school ” a week out of every semester. I haven’t been in school in ten years! I’m super nervous, and super excited!
October is the start of one of my most favorite times of year the season of seasons! I’m counting down the days until I can cover our house in Halloween decorations!!!! I can’t wait for all things halloween – especially pumpkins! We have a house for the first time this year so we’re going to get to CARVE actual pumpkins! I cannot wait! I’m also sneaking a quick one day trip to Disneyland while i’m in LA! I’ve never seen Disney do Halloween but i’ve heard it’s super cute!
Also the My Little Pony movie releases this month! So excited to see the ponies on the big screen!
Hopefully somewhere in between all the holiday fun, touring I’ll do some writing. I knwo for sure I’ll have some more dog articles coming your way, and I’m thinking about trying to do some moer short story writing while I’m between big projects.

.Rainbow Awards! ‘A Little Queermas Carol’ is nominated for a Rainbow Award! That means it’s also entered for the cover art contest too! Please vote for the amazing art by KD Diamond!  it’s waaaaaaaaay far down on the voting page of covers you MUST MUST MUST vote for three different covers to make your vote count VOTE!
I am beyond thrilled to be able to announce that my anthology Leather Ever After is coming BACK INTO PRINT! this time Leather Ever After will be published by the one and only Circlet Press! Circlet publishes some of the best books in BDSM fiction and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with them to not only bring Leather Ever After back into print, but to fix all the layout, typo, and design problems that the first publisher created.
Circlet is currently running a kickstarter to fund their 2018 titles, including Leather Ever After! Please help them to get this book back in print!