Where did May go?!

Yikes ! It’s already June! May was a very busy month for me! If you follow me on social media you know that I have been writing a new novel for the better part of the last year. I had mapped out a writing schedule that would have me finish my first draft in mid September. Things were going really well with that writing schedule, they went so well that I actually blew past all my deadlines and finished my first complete draft in may! The novel’s (working) title is “Foam” and it’s all about: starting over, failure, loss, mermaids, systems, queerness, and discovery. I’m really excited with how it’s coming together. When i  finish a first draft there is huge weight that lifts off my shoulders, there is one beautiful moment where i can hold onto the idea of what that. Ok will become and everything feels quite real….. though now comes the hard work of rewriting! I hope to finish that by mid-Summer!

Started the month reading at the NYC finalist reading with ‘A Little Queermas Carol.’  I’m so thrilled this novella is a FINALIST, and it was so much fun to get the chance to read alongside so many fantastic local authors whose books are finalists this year as well. 

In May I turned 33 (don’t worry, I’m also still  just a big 5 year old)! I had a Steven universe themed birthday party in the middle of a huge rainstorm! Are you watching Steven universe? I had a few friends over, and we did party crafts and ate an awesome multi-layer cake my partner baked! I also made a permanent commitment to my love of my little pony- with this tattoo !

photo right after the artist finished - so it's super raw and swollen
photo right after the artist finished – so it’s super raw and swollen

I had articles appear this month in


the Bark



Cosmonauts Avenue

In May I got the chance to have dinner with the scoring author Jenni Fagan who was visiting NYC! She’s doing a lot of work right now exploring truth telling, and we had some great conversations over plates of vegetarian food in the west village. We’ve known each other on Twitter and have read each other’s novels, it was such a treat to connect with another gritt lit author.


My puppy Sirius is getting huge. She’s learning lots of things- going on lots of adventure and at 19 weeks old earned her novice trick dog title! Training dogs is my oldest passions I’m not brilliant at it but I love it. Looking forward to talking more classes with her.

I did pretty well on my book a week reading goal in May. My favorite book that I read last month was “the Education Of Will” – it’s a great memoir of a dog trainer whose work I’ve really admired for years. Friend me on goodreads! I’m always looking for new books to read https://www.goodreads.com/user_challenges/7295681

After some medical scares with my special little old man, the whole pack is doing really well, and my youngest baby dog  at just 19 weeks old earned her Novice Trick Dog Title! I”m really looking forward to lots of adventures with my pups! 18425244_10211833367565780_6063886484864933653_n


Looking Ahead to June:

Hoping to have more articles published, and have been throwing a lot of literary spaghetti at metaphorical walls! I’m  booking some out of town/touring events for the fall/for next year. I intentionally  haven’t toured on the last couple of years, but I’m opening up again to it which feels good

The Lambda Literary Awards are only a week away!!!! These awards really are one of the highlights of my year! I adore the ceremony and the chance to be in a room that is all together to celebrate queer books!!!! 

p.s. I LOVE connecting with readers, and I now have a PO Box! Reader letters are one of the highlights of my week! I got a lot of amazing letters in the month of may! What to write me?  Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 8.50.11 PM