I feel like anything I was going to say about what I’ve been writing in January is so much less important than  everything happening politically in the country and the ripple effect around the world. It’s scary, and overwhelming and I’m trying each day to find balance and clarity about what I can do to resist,  and stay sane, and functioning in this new and scary world.
I wrote my column for Curve magazine about how sometimes all you can do is just pet the dog 
I spent most of the month working on preparing to go down to DC for the AWP conference where I’ll be on a panel talking about the the influence zines have had on my writing. More info about the panel here . I’ve never been before – very curious to see what I end up thinking of it. I’m sure I’ll be posting LOTS on social media
I got the chance to participate in visual artist Ketch Wehr’s new Visual Resistance project pairing my words with his art. This is a short piece I wrote and posted online the day of the inauguration – it was really cool to see it illustrated today just in time to include here. The world is a scary place right now, and I believe  we’re all doing the very best we can <3