It’s official my novella –  A Little Queermas Carol has released!!!! I’m so excited to share this book with the community, especially other littles and queers. I’ve always wanted a christmas story that was just for us – and clearly that meant I needed to write it myself! I’ve been so thrilled with the initial response to the project! You can order signed copies from me, as well as ebooks! It’s now available on all the bookstore sites as well

13900096_10209063222273879_5856216484147681029_nThe official release for the novella is this Friday, December 2nd here in NYC at Bluestockings Bookstore. I’ll be joined by the fabulous Laura Antiniou and Ashely Young! It’s going to be a very fun, very festive night. If you are in the NYC area I hope you’ll come join us! In light of the state of the world I almost canceled the release but, I believe right now we need queer books more than ever, and we also need joy, and fun. And so not just in spite of, but in many ways because of the horrific election results, we are moving forward with this night of queer holiday storytelling.

The very first review of A Little Queermas Carol ran the day after the election – right at a moment where I was creatively feeling very dark. The review highlighted for me some of the unintentional ways that this was exactly the project that I should be working on right now given the state of the world my favorite quote from it might be: “we need our Daddies and our babygirls and our roommates and the rest of our chosen and queer and leather families: because family has always been how queer folks have built safety and refuge, because our families have also been the seed of our movements, and because our families are where we have space for imperfection and for resilience within that.”

Ive been doing a fair amount of writing this month and hope to be able to share more about where some of those stories have been placed soon,  but I also had a few pieces of writing get published:

Polaris Project released a new report  “Breaking Barriers: Improving Services for LGBTQ Human Trafficking Victims”  I was very surprised when a reader contacted me congratulating me on having writing in the report! Unknown to me they republished some writing that I had done for the Center For American Progress’ report “Seeking Shelter: The Experiences and Unmet Needs of LGBT Homeless Youth”  about the importance of youth created spaces for homeless LGBTQ youth, and the role that chosen/created family played in my own life   Both organizations are doing great work that is totally worth checking out.

The November installment of my monthly queer pets column at Curve magazine focused on my dogs adorable halloween costumes,  gender norms, and what it’s like to be  queer people with furry kiddos. You can read Queer Pets/Queer Guardians here

I did my first  interview for the release of “A Little Queermas Carol” this month as part of  author Lee Harrington’s podcast (during which I got to wear my grumpybear onsie – don’t all authors do interviews in their jammies? You can listen to our conversation here

I’m in the process of wrapping up my LGBT Fiction reading group I’ve been facilitating at The Center for Fiction – it’s unreal how fast the fall has gone – only one session left! It’s been really fun to have the chance to have conversations with the group about some great queer texts, especially during this political moment. Speaking of, I honestly don’t even know how to talk about the election here. It’s no secret I was/am a HUGE Hillary supporter. I’m pretty devastated by the election results. After I fell apart in a blanket fort, the pieces of me felt like they snapped back together and I remembered that we know how to do this. We have lived through governments that hated us. We know how to do this.

14915397_10210060192597514_8657375280120770158_nThankfully November also brought our much anticipated Disney World vacation – exactly what i needed . My Daddy and I went to Mickey’s Christmas Party, had lunch at the Beast’s castle, and breakfast with Pooh Bear and friends! We had ice cream every day, rode ALL THE RIDES, saw so many characters, i did autographs for the first time this trip- by far one of the highlights was getting to meet Stich who is one of my all time favorite characters.When I met Stitch I got to tell him how much I love him, and showed him my “still good ” tattoo that is in reference

I have slowly started  to write again and thinking solidly about what my next big project is going to be. Queermas Carol was a little indie side project so I don’t feel the need to take time off from writing like I did post the release of Lost Boi. I’ve been working on some short form pieces – one of which was just accepted into an anthology (more on that when I can go public with the news). and I’ve also been looking at the outline for a novel I completed a couple years ago and then shelved – parts of the story are pretty intriguing to me right now…….. more to come!

movies – i saw SO MANY MOVIES in November ok just two in the theater but for me that’s a lot. I can’t say enough good things both about Fantastic Beasts – it was much queerer than I expected, it’s also pretty much a Hufflepuff dream come true. i’m a Hufflepuff and it’s cool to see JK Rowling playing with her universe but outside of  Harry Potter era. Now lets talk Moana- ok so no secret i’m a HUGE disney fan but this film is incredible. i’ve been listening to the soundtrack [pretty nonstop since leaving the theater LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Truly Disney at their best. if you haven’t seen this one yet, you DEFINITELY need to get yourself to the theater!

I have been holding pretty steady with my goal of reading a book a week this month (minus the week we were in Disney World – but I was able to make up for that another week). Favorite book I read this month was probably Michelle Tea’s Blackwave. If you haven’t read this one yet you definitely should pick it up! Friend me on Goodreads I would love to see what you are reading! Reading a book a week means I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting things to read.

Did i mention i’m ready for christmas? Christmas! Christmas ! Christmas!  so so so ready!!! Daddy and I go to get our tree this weekend, and Santa called me on the PHONE and then he sent me special advent boxes and a letter! December is one of my favorite times of year – want to follow along with my very fun and little holiday adventures? Friend me on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram/Fetlife