December! bye 2016!

WHAT. A MONTH. no really, WHAT. A MONTH. I was going to write a whole fancy blog about the month, and closing out 2016 but…. it’s new years eve and I haven’t written that yet so here’s what i’ve got about this month  in list form…..

  • Christmas was AMAZING! It’s my all time favorite time of the year and full of so much little and leather magic in my family. Santa called me on the phone 4 times and sent me 2 videos, plus advent calendar tsum tsum boxes – and i was on the nice list. i LOVE santa!
  • I was a Semi-Finalist for the Saints & Sinners Short Fiction contest with my story “The Saint of Overlook Mountain.” The story did not move onto the next round though which was disappointing. That said I’m pretty excited about this story both for what it is as a shortish (almost 10,000 words) and the thought that maybe i would turn it into a novel? something to think about for the new year!
  • This month I released A Little Queermas Carol and got to personally send copies out to readers who ordered all over the world. I wrapped each one in festive wrapping paper because I wanted to send everyone a little bit of a gift. I’ve loved getting little messages all month from readers about what they thought!
  • My favorite book that I read this month has to be Jeanette Winterson’s new christmas book! I had no idea that she loved christmas as much as I do – I also got a little geeky love that we both released christmas books this year. I was given my copy and it is BEAUTIFUL cloth bound with silver art including a unicorn by a sweet sweet friend. I also finished the year reading a total of 96 books! This meant I surpassed my Goodreads goal of reading 50 books this year. woot! Check out what I read, and what I thought of those books here
  • Banal & Profane at Lambda is one of my favorite columns about writing because it really showcases a week in the life of authors.  So often in other places there is a lot of mysticism about how writers write, or what our lives look like. I like how this column breaks some of that down and was thrilled to get the chance to write it this December! I definitely tried tried for authenticity with mine and trying to depict all the different things that i am juggling as an author – hate mail, ridiculous schedules, muggle job,  etc. etc. check it out here
  • USA TODAY’s romance section covered the release of A Little Queermas Carol in this fun little interview! Check it out here
  • This month my partner and I bought a house. Ok so it’s been in the works for a couple of months but we closed mid-December and moved in a couple of days after Christmas. The house is a little further out in Brooklyn than we were before and has a lot more space and a backyard! It’s pretty amazing. I wrote an article at Dogster about it which is a short version of why we made this big move in large part for our dogs. Check that out here
  • Moving is INTENSE – it hits all of my anxious buttons and all my triggers about housing instability and homelessness. the move has so far (other than almost knocking my front tooth out) pretty smoothly. I started writing this sitting in the empty house waiting for the movers to bring all of our stuff (hiring movers is seriously worth EVERY penny) and now it’s new years eve and I’m finishing this post sitting at my desk in my 1/2 unpacked little land with glowing unicorn lights in my window of my very own little office surrounded by my toys and special things looking at our neighbors christmas lights!
  • Leather Ever After was dropped by its publisher – I found out from a reader which really sucked. I got this news actually on the first day of our move and so had little capacity other than to email all the contributors and be annoyed about it on social media. i have a lot of decisions to make about this book next year around how/if I will get it back in print. i’m giving myself until January to make any decisions about that. the book got an honorable mention in the leather writing awards and has some of the best writers in kink in it’s pages. There has been some interest from publishers so…. we’ll see- more coming soon!
  • I poked and poked and poked at the start of my new novel. One of my big goals for 2017 is to have a completed draft by the end of the year. knowing how I write that seems reasonable – and exciting. Before I got super busy with moving I was starting to hit my flow with this book – and the characters were beginning to really make sense to me. I’m looking forward to playing with them next year!
  • I HAVE A PO BOX!!! I love getting reader mail and have for years wanted to get a PO Box to simply that process and I FINALLY did it! I love that i have that little gold key on my keychain (with a cute elephant keycap on it) and I hope that you’ll fill my mailbox with letters! I’ll write back!

Sassafras Lowrey
PO Box 346
New York, NY 10276


Also- here are 16 of my favorite things that happened in 2016 (not in any order) – many of which I already wrote about here over the past year.
1. Disney World
2. Being on a panel with Dorothy Allison at Saints & Sinners
3. Lost Boi being a Lammy Finalist
4. Wearing a punk princess dress to the lambda literary awards even though I lost
5. Buying our new house
6. Releasing a Little Queermas Carol
7. Meeting Stitch at Disney and showing him my tattoo
8. My minion Birthday cake Daddy baked me
9. Summer school with Charlotte
10. Swimming in Ptown with Mercury in his floaty
11. (Finally) getting promoted at my muggle job
12. Hillary Clinton
13. Charlotte playing in her new yard
14. Laughing and being silly with Daddy
15. Watching Kiss~Me and See Ya grow up
16. Seeing a real alligator in the bayou in New Orleans
17: all the books I read this year!