pre-orderHaven’t you always wanted a christmas book by and for leather queers? Now we have one! Be the first to get your copy of celebrated queer author Sassafras Lowrey’s christmas novella!!!!



“Marley was dead. Unable to cope, Ebe wields their politics as a excuse to deny their desire for a Leather family. Trauma and imagination come to life through visions of drag queens and dolls, while Leather Daddies bake holiday cookies in this tender queer reimagined Christmas tale.”

If you’re planning to purchase a copy of A Little Queermas Carol for yourself, as a gift for the cute queer you’re crushed out on, your best friend, your ex, your play partners, your dungeon or punkhouse library (the possibilities are endless) I’m asking for you to do it now directly from me. These pre-orders are my primary opportunity to recoup all the money that I put into publishing the novella which included: hiring an artist to design the cover, professional copyediting, and a layout person to make this project look and feel like a real and beautiful book. When you purchase books as part of the pre-orders not only are you going to be supporting me as an indie author you’ll be getting a signed copy of A Little Queermas Carol delivered to you before it hits the bookstore shelves!!!

Pre-orders will ship in late November, will be signed and festively wrapped. Slip “A Little Queermas Carol” into the stocking of your favorite leather friend, or get a copy for yourself!