bye August, hello fall!


Summer is over! I mean it’s still a sauna here in NYC but I’m convinced that the end of August means the end of summer! This past month has been hot, and good, and super busy! I saw these pumpkins being unloaded in Chinatown earlier this week, so autumn better hurry up and get here!

In August  I finished editing my novella A Little Queermas Carol and got print proofs in the mail! They look awesome other than that I sent the WRONG version of the manuscript to be laid out! I feel like a total idiot, but it did give me a chance to do one more deep edit on the project. Thankfully the person doing my layout still has time to work on it and the novella will be relaid out in time to not have any impact on the release date!!! Woot!

I’m really excited about getting to share this project with all of you – it’s quirky, queer and fun! I’m especially excited that it centers ageplay/littles within the queer/little story without being erotic!  Keep checking back for pre-order information – I expect to open that up in early October!



I’m thrilled to announce that the NYC lease of A Little Queermas Carol will happen at Bluestockings Bookstore: Friday, December 2nd 7pm

Info about fantastic guest readers coming very soon!!!

The election is on all of our minds, so this month my pet column at Curve Magazine was all about how to get your cats & dogs ready and decked out in Hillary gear check it out! I also had the chance to write an article for The Center For Fiction’s “Author Picks” series – mine was a roundup of Top Queer Fiction!  I have a few more articles I’ve been working on this month that should be releasing this autumn that I’ll be sure to post on my facebook/twitter when they get published! 

I’m going to be facilitating a LGBTQ FICTION reading group at The Center For Fiction starting mid-September.  I believe there are still a couple of open slots! If you’re interested, all the registration information can be found here

I’m still keeping up with my book a week reading goal for the year and tracking my progress over on Good Reads! I met my initial goal of reading 50 books this year and read a pretty solid mix of things this month. Definitely on the bottom of the  list would’ve  the new Harry Potter. Such a disappointment. Favorite things read this month were pretty eclectic. “Princess Celestia and the Summer of Royal Waves” was excellent (as has the second half of my little pony season 6), I also really enjoyed “Another Brooklyn” by Jacqueline Woodson and “Here Comes The Sun” by Nicole Y. Dennis-Benn. This week I’ve been stretching a little out of my comfort zone and giving suicide squad graphic novels a chance even though they are way too violent for me, because all my little leather buddies are obsessed.

I went and saw Ghostbusters in the theater and am pretty obsessed! WHO YA GONNA CALL?!??  the characters of Holtzman and Abby in particular really spoke to me. I think Abby is totally under appreciated in the way that fatnes and femmeness gets devalued. She’s totally rad – and I really can sympathize with her takeout issues! Give that ghostbuster a reasonable ratio of soup to wonton!


Besides sending the novella off to layout the big news from August was that my little dog Mercury celebrated his 14th birthday in August! He’s been my sidekick since he was 6 weeks old so this birthday felt like a big milestone! He celebrated with a meat cake!

I’m getting ready to log off the internet for a few days (well except for uploading cute pictures of my dogs to Instagram) to hang out in the mountains of upstate New York. I’ve been pushing myself hard this month to get a lot of different writing done, and I’m very much looking forward to a break with my family!