Rave Review in The Globe and Mail

“Lost Boi is the kind of novel that reminds us exactly why we love literature, how it can push boundaries and break open traditions, all while it amuses and excites both reader and author.”

Read the full amazing review that ran in the Globe and Mail here I think I did a little dance in the street the first time I read this tour!



I’ve been home a couple of days now from my West Coast tour with Lost boi! Wow! The last two weeks traveling have been so magical and  I’m completely overwhelmed by the community response to Lost Boi in San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle and Portland! I came home and napped for two days! It was an incredible and exhausting tour and now that I’m settling back in here in Brooklyn I’m still working on finding the words to talk about the fantastic time I had, and the privilege it is to be able to share this beautiful beautiful (arsenal pulp press really outdid themselves ) book with all of you!