Autumn <3

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I updated my blog and that it’s already autumn! The summer was really fun, also ridiculously busy!

I’m not even sure how to sum up how incredible the queer book diorama show ended up being, and it seems a little unreal that this project that I spent a year organizing is over. It’s remarkable to me to think about how this little fun idea turned into such a successful show. More than just successful in terms of audience turnout, this show was inspiring, thought provoking and really shifted the way that I understand the intersection between art and writing, as well as the relationship between queer people, and queer books. I wrote here about the opening reception, but that was just the beginning of the diorama show!  The dioramas were up on display for two months and were very well received by the community, even on the day that I went to deinstall the show, members of the community were stopping by to look at the art, and comment on it.  Over the course of the two months the show was on exhibit, Hugh Ryan (who was seriously the most amazing collaboratior I could imagine) and I curated two incredible events, an artist panel, that included artists from the US and Canada, Hugh and I got to meet Flagg the artist who made a diorama of Fun Home and traveled from South Africa to see the show, and a wonderful evening of conversation about queer art and literature with author Jack Halberstam, and artist Jenny Lin (who created a diorama based on Jack’s Female Masculinity”).

The show got a ton of press including being featured in The Journal of Queer Arts and being a Time Out New York Critic Pick Event, as well as write-ups in The Rumpus, The Advocate and more! Links to all the media coverage which includes photos of all of the dioramas can be found on the Queer Book Diorama Tumblr.   Hugh and I are still thinking through what the future of the diorama show will be, including future shows in NYC curated by us, and written guidelines for how to “steal this show” for folks who want to create diorama shows in their local communities. More on this coming soon!


Although I haven’t been doing a lot of fresh writing this summer, it’s been exciting to watch projects I have been involved with find homes and come out into the world. I wrote a story titled “Jacksonville” several years ago about being young, queer and in love for the first time and the story just found a home in a really exciting anthology “The Queer South” edited by Douglas Ray and published by Sibling Rivalry Press! The anthology released this fall, is beautiful, and my story is alongside amazing authors like Dorothy Allison!! Definitely pick up a copy from your favorite indie bookstore!


At the end of September Kestryl and I took the dogs on a much needed vacation to Ptown, my most favorite gaycation location. We spent a week walking on the beach and relaxing. At the end of the trip I also got the awesome news that my anthology Leather Ever After had been awarded the Honorable

Mention for the National Leather Association-International Writing Award in the Samois Anthology category!!!

 This autumn most of my creative energy has been devoted to finalizing edits and preparing for the release of Lost Boi. I  can’t believe the book releases in April! I’ve been working really closely with my editor from Arsenal Pulp Press to edit/polish the manuscript. I actually just finished a intense 10 days of reviewing/revising and then returning the book. I’m really excited with how the story has developed, and all the little details that I’ve been able to add into the novel!  I’m already starting to book release events and touring connected with the book for next spring!  I also have been receiving some of the best author blurbs I could ever imagine from authors who I really admire. What to hear what folks like Amber Dawn, Michael Thomas Ford, Jack Halberstam and more think of Lost Boi?  Check out Arsenal Pulp’s page! I can’t stop looking at the dreamy cover they created for the book! Smoking HOTT!!

I hope that you are all having a fun Autumn! Now that the diorama show is over and I got through this big edit of Lost Boi things are a little quieter (ha!) I’m going to work to keep my blog more regularly updated again! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on all the Lost Boi news as it gets closer to publication, and don’t miss my new monthly dyke pet column at Curve Magazine starting in November!!!