Damaged Books Sale!

Touring is HARD and sometimes books get hurt. Over the years since Kicked Out was released I’ve traveled through the United States and across Europe with a suitcase full of books! Every so often books will get damaged. Right now I have 15 copies of Kicked Out that have some bent corners and water damage. The books are completely readable, but not a quality that I would fell comfortable selling, or donating.

These copies of Kicked Out can still be read, and I want them to get homes. So I’m offering a special sale to my facebook/twitter friends.  First come first serve shipping+pay what you can.!!!!  The books retail for $19.99 but I’m selling these 15 damaged copies for $5 (to cover the cost of shipping) + anything else you want to donate.

First come first serve – private message me on facebook/twitter or email me SassafrasLowrey AT gmail and I will send you my pay pal address!