Rainbow Awards!


Roving Pack

This morning I got the news that Roving Pack has been selected as a finalist in the Rainbow Awards – very very exciting! Roving Pack was an incredibly fun and challenging book to write and not only stretched me as an author and storyteller, but has opened so many doors. Above all, I’m thrilled that readers have connected to Roving Pack. This novel has far surpassed the hopes I had for it in really exciting ways, and being a finalist for this award is just one piece of that. Regardless of which book ends up winning the Rainbow Award to have it selected as a Finalist is absolutely thrilling! Get your own signed copy of Roving Pack (or ebook) here 

Leather Ever After

Leather Ever After which also released this year has received an Honorable Mention in the Rainbow Awards! In talking about the anthology, they said of the stories “some were truly erotic and very sexy…. others were complete kink.”  I didn’t know what I was doing when I began editing Leather Ever After in that I’d never done an erotic book before, and I only marginally consider myself to be an erotica writer. I’m not interested in weather my readers “get off,” I’m interested in the storytelling possibilities of the erotic world, and in particular BDSM. With Leather Ever After when I was compiling the stories, I was especially interested in the ways that as queers we build relationships and connections which sometimes draw upon erotic exchanges, and how those stories can be overlaid onto traditional fairy tales. This was a really fun book to put together, and I’m thrilled that it was honored in the Rainbow Awards! Want your own copy? Order here