The Rainbow Awards

I’m always excited by anything related to Queer Books – so I’m very excited to be part of the 5th annual Rainbow Awards for LGBT Fiction and Non-Fiction. Both Roving Pack and Leather Ever After have been nominated for consideration ::fingers crossed:: but I’ve also been selected to be part of the final round Jury (obviously in a category that neither of my books are in!!!)!  I’m super honored to be judging books this fall in the very final round!  As a queer author very committed to queer literary communities it’s exciting for me to see  another venue to support our work, and to be able to support it.

Are you an author or publisher with a book that released between  September 1 2012 and August, 31 2013 if so there’s still time for you to submit your book for consideration! Nominations must be received no later than September 5th!
The 2013 Elisa Rolle Rainbow Awards are an annual contest celebrating outstanding work in LGBT fiction and nonfiction. Hosted and owned by blogger Elisa Rolle, the contest is open to all authors of work containing LGBT fictional characters and work chronicling the true stories of LGBT persons. For this the contest’s fifth year, some new rules have been instigated, and a new partner has emerged to assist Elisa. The Rainbow Romance Writers, a chapter of the Romance Writers of America, will partner with Elisa in the management and coordination of this contest. Despite RRW’s status as a chapter for romance writers, their participation in no way changes the Rainbow Awards and do not make them exclusively a romance contest. One need not be a member of RRW or RWA to participate in this contest.

You can read all about the eligibility guidelines, and how to submit books for consideration, and the nonprofits benefiting from the awards here