Autumn 2013

It’s hard to believe that we’re already halfway through August! It’s been a great summer Kestryl and I had an amazing time up in Ptown relaxing with our dogs. I’ve been picking away at some new writing, and just last weekend via SKYPE I joined a queer femme book group in Montreal to talk about Roving Pack!  Next month I’ll be joining the youth at SMYRC in Portland Oregon (the queer youth center where I grew up) to disuss Roving Pack! Has your book group read the novel?  I’d love to be part of your next meeting to talk about the book!

If your’e interested in my canine focused writing this summer I started writing a weekly column over at – it’s been a blast talking about my life with dogs as well as offering some general training advice to readers.  I also have a story in the Fall print issue of The Bark magazine. I’ve read the magazine for over a decade and written for them online, but this is my first time being in print with them so when the issue arrived in my mailbox I was stoked. The story I wrote is about canine yoga!

It’s still Summer here in NYC but I’m already thinking about the fall and how exciting it will be.  Crown Heights is the Brooklyn neighborhood that I call home and we’re getting our very own bookstore!!!! The shop will be opening in September and I’m organizing the first queer reading ever to happen at the bookstore. It will be on September 28th at 7pm so if you’re in the NYC area you should definitely join us – it’s an amazing lineup of readers: Cristy C. Road, Chavisa Woods, Mario Alberto Zambrano, Me! Check out the FB event page and RSVP please! 🙂

Then, the next weekend I’m going to be flying down to Atlanta to be part of the Atlanta Pride festivities!!! I’m super excited because Atlanta is definitely a beloved city of mine – and Charis Feminist Bookstore where I’ll be reading is one of my all time favorite shops anywhere in the country. I’m going to be part of an awesome reading happening called “The Tears on Her Face Are From Laughter” on Saturday October 5th which will be featuring readings from: my buddy (and Leather Ever After contributor) Alysia Angel and  Julie Marie for an evening of storytelling, poetry, and tales of queer triumph!  I’m really looking forward to being back in Atlanta, this time with Roving Pack!  Please tell anyone you know in the area to stop by the bookstore

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, I’m so looking forward to feeling the weather begin to cool, and the start of holiday seasons. Also, I can’t wait to go apple picking and for our annual trip to the pumpkin patch 🙂