July Updates!

It’s SUMMER and things have been pretty busy around here lately with projects and events. I hope to get back into the routine of regular blogging  (though some of that has been taking place on other forums – see below).    Roundup of all the things I’ve been up to (in no particular order):

* I’m still thinking and processing through how incredible the Lambda Literary Awards were and the Saints & Sinners Conference, and I’m sure thoughts from both will continue to percolate in my brain and make their way into future blogs- If by chance you missed my initial ruminations on those events they are linked above.

*Did you know that since April I’ve been writing a monthly Little’s column at Leatherati? It’s called A Little This/A Little That.  I was so thrilled that the site was interested in giving more of a space to littles and taking on writing this column has been an exciting challenge for me as I continue to explore how I feel about being more and more out about my life. Most exciting, has been the response from littles in the community!  I’m thrilled that so many litltes have commented to one of the blogs, or privately messaged me talking about how connected they feel to what I’m writing and how it’s resonating in their own lives! My big goal with this column was to increase the visibility of littles community and I’m THRILLED that seems to be happening!

*I’ve Just starting writing a weekly column with the fun folks over at Dogster!  This is a really exciting opportunity for me to have an outlet to talk about all things dog, and also to share some of the great adventures that my canine pack and I have here in Brooklyn!  If you’re a dog lover definitely check it out!

* Kicked Out just got an AMAZING review at State of Formation. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 3.5 years since the anthology released.  There’s always been something special about that book, and most of all the family of contributors that made it possible.  For me as an editor, there’s nothing more exciting than to know that still, years after its release this book is continuing to do the work that I dreamed it would, that it continues to touch the lives of people who need its stories.  Check out the review pt. 1  and pt. 2

* It’s hard to believe that Roving Pack released 10 months ago! This novel has changed me as a writer in so many ways both in terms of the work that I feel drawn to do, but also the ways in which I work and how I feel connected to communities.  It’s been, and continues to be an incredible ride with this novel. I don’t think a week ahs gone by that I haven’t heard from someone in the community about how this novel has connected with them.  Knowing that my work is reaching readers, especially marginalized queer readers and helping people to feel connected is the greatest honor. It’s also thrilling how many people have continued to buy directly from me. You can order signed copies and ebook copies at www.RovingPack.com when someone buys via amazon I only make $1 per book #WritersLife buying direct means that you are helping to invest in my future artistic projects!

* I haven’t talked as much as I should about my newest baby Leather Ever After; it’s such a FUN anthology and has only been out in the world since the winter. It’s been getting great reviews and it’s been exciting to have such a FUN and different book to bring out into the world—it’s been especially fun for me to feel as though I have finally found my home within BDSM/Leather communities as a whole, and to know that this anthology has been a big part of that. Check out this FANTASTIC recent review of the anthology! 

*I’m working on learning to take breaks. Two books being released in the last year has been an incredible dream come true, but also EXHAUSTING. I’m working on pacing myself, knowing how much I can reasonably take on and incorporating that into all the work that I do. This weekend Kestryl and I are taking off to P-Town for a whole week with the dogs!  It’s going to be the first vacation of that length that I’ve ever taken as an adult! I’m hoping to get some writing done when the inspiration strikes (as it has often lately) but  mostly spend time napping, reading (I have a HUGE stack of books I plan to work my way through) and just playing around at the beach with my family! If you don’t already, follow me on Facebook and Twitter to see TONS of pictures of the dogs playing at the beach!

*The current youth at SMYRC the queer youth center I grew up at has been reading Roving Pack this summer as part of their writing/book group!  We’re working out the exact details but I’ll be joining them via SKYPE sometime next month to talk about the book! This is one of the most exciting book related events I’ve had the opportunity to do in a really long time! Super nervous and can’t wait to hear what kind of questions they have!

*In the past couple of months I’ve been making huge progress on my new novel ‘Lost Boi’ which is a punk, queer and leather focused retelling of the Peter Pan story. I hope to write more soon about what the writing process has looked and felt like, especially the ways in which it has been quite different process wise from my work on Roving Pack.  I’m well over 33,500 words on the first-draft of the novel and finding myself continually inspired to keep working not only on this draft, but also formulating ideas about how I want to rework sections that have already been written.

* In NYC?  On August 2nd join me for a special reading celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the publication of Laura Antoniou’s Marketplace series! I’m a contributor to her Marketplace fan fiction anthology, “No Safewords” and several of us will be reading! As of right now this is the only reading I’m doing in NYC the rest of the summer! Hope to see you there!.