Roving Pack Diorama – READER ART!!!

This morning I wanted to share a really special Roving Pack fan with all of you. Her name is Michele Brennan and she’s a badass queer living in Michigan. Do you remember being in elementary school and doing reports on books? Remember how a big part of that was creating a diorama in a box – depicting the characters and important parts of the book? About a month ago Michelle posted on Facebook that she was working on a diorama of Roving Pack! This was just about the coolest thing I could imagine (now I want to start creating dioramas of queer books!) and I was thrilled that she felt so connected to Roving Pack that she was inspired to do this! Since that Facebook post Michelle has been working on her diorama and it’s fucking incredible! No seriously, this thing is ridiculously good and so accurate to the book—right down to the black sheets and floggers on the wall! I am completely IN LOVE with this art!!!! Reader responses to my books are the greatest honor I can get as an author, and never in a million years did I imagine I would see a book diorama of Roving Pack!!! Check this out!!!

While Michelle has been making this Roving Pack diorama she’s also been fighting a battle against cancer. She and her support team are trying to raise $5,000 to help with the numerous expenses that incur when someone has a medical emergency like this. I want to share this with Roving Pack readers because I believe in the power of community. My hope is that some of you will be able to chip in $1, $5, $10, $20 whatever you can to help support this amazing member of our queer community during a very difficult time.