I’m so honored that to be included on the 2013  inaugural Trans 100 !  The list was released as part of a kickoff event in Chicago on March 31st as part of the International Transgender Day of Visibility, but just went live online this morning! Over 500 trans people were nominated for inclusion and committees worked to compile the 100 list.

I’m beyond thrilled to be included on the list, to have my  writing, and the work it’s done in the world is being seen as worthy of inclusion. On a personal level too, there is a feeling of amazement and gratitude that my gender f*cked self has a place here on this list. I  remember when I quit shooting testosterone, when I embraced femme as a gender identity, I was intensely worried that I would no longer be seen as being valid, or real within trans community, even though that has always been core to how I see myself……. I’m very grateful to see that hasn’t been the case.

There are incredible activists, organizers, artists and community members included on the Trans 100 list and I’m so excited to be included along with them!


check out the full list here at Buzz Feed