Leather Ever After – NYC Release!

It’s hard to believe that the NYC release of Leather Ever After was almost a week ago!  Last Wednesday definitely goes down on the list of best gigs I’ve had the honor to organize, and I couldn’t have asked for a better night to bring this anthology out into the world! Leading up to the event I decided I wanted to do something nice for the contributors who were participating, and I embroidered handkerchiefs for each of the readers that connected to their story.  Can you figure out what stories they correspond to?  You’ll 31452_10200149925007018_1007438660_nhave to read the book to figure it all out!  Thankfully the contributors all thought my crafting was sweet – Lee Harrington even started flagging with his new hanky! 

The reading itself was absolutely fantastic. Bluestockings bookstore was PACKED PACKED PACKED which was especially amazing since it was a wednesday night!  We had a great audience who were ready to hear some great stories.  The NYC release event which was sponsored by Lesbian Sex Mafia  featured readings from Laura Antiniou, Karen Taylor, Mollena Williams, Lee Harrington, DL King and Hosha- talk about a KNOCK OUT LINEUP!  I feel so lucky as an editor that these folks are amongst the contributors and that they were willing to come out and do a release event.  Finding a date this crew could all be together was tricky (which is how we ended up with a release event on a Wednesday night) but the NYC release event  really was (ready for it? ) a fairy tale come true 😉