the power of community: where should i donate Roving Pack?

One of my biggest goals with all of my books is to get them into the hands of the folks who most need the stories.  I talk to homeless queer youth everyday, but this summer right as I was finalizing the proofs for Roving Pack I had an experience that really haunted me: “I’ve lost my pack, trying to build a new one” said the cardboard sign with jagged sharpie handwriting. Next to the sign sitting on a Manhattan Street was a young trans kid, a sweet pitbull puppy resting its head on their lap. More than anything I wanted to give this kid a copy of Roving Pack — which at its core is all about the packs/families we build.

Shaken by how close to home this experience hit to me and this book, and how I hoped that one day I would be in a position to give my books to everyone who needed these stories. I wrote about it on my facebook and twitter and was shocked (am still shocked) when not long after I received an incredibly generous gift from a reader – a check to cover the costs of me donating several copies of Roving Pack to people who need the stories but wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a copy. I broke into tears when I opened the mail to that check. I’m humbled and honored by the way the community has backed this novel. For someone to make it possible for me to have the  opportunity to donate copies of Roving Pack means so much to me.

After much thought I have made a decision to gift these copies to community centers/groups in order to increase the number of people who will have access to the stories. This is where you come in! I’m looking for suggestions of community groups you are involved with or know wouldn’t be able to afford to include Roving Pack  in their library AND most importantly won’t be scared away by the somewhat edgy content of the novel. The last thing I want is for the book to get left on a staff person’s desk because it’s seen as inappropriate (this is something I will obviously be verifying before sending).  Feel free to comment here – or email me directly at with suggestions for  where I should send books (no NYC suggestions please). I have 8 more copies to give away—tell me where they should go!!!!