January updates: books, Disney, books, books, BOOKS!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been a little bit quiet here in the blog world since the beginning of the year but I’ve definitely been keeping busy.  Over at the blog for Leather Ever After I’ve been posting interviews with the contributors – there’s a new one going up every few days so you should be sure to check it out! The anthology brings together some brilliant contributors and in the interviews you’ll get to see what they have to say about a variety of topics from writing to inspiration and of course fairy tales. Leather Ever After has been such a fun anthology to put together and really is with some of my favorite kink writers I’m excited to be able to bring you more of them on the blog! If you’re a blogger and interested in reviewing the book please please get in touch with me and I can get a review copy emailed off to you ASAP!

Last night I got home to a box and knew immediately what it was – BOOKS!!!!  Leather Ever After books to be precise. There really is nothing at all in the world like holding your own book for the very first time! Leather Ever After really is here and out in the world. The ebook is for sale on amazon kindle and from the publisher in every format imaginable, and now is also available in print. It’s really unreal to me how this book came to be (I talk a bit about the magic of that in the introduction – so I won’t give too much away). We’ll be having a big bash for the book here in NYC on Feburary 13th at Bluestockings Books featuring readings from – Mollena Williams, Lee Harrington, Karen Taylor, and the amazing Laura Antoniou who wrote our forward will be part of the evening as well!!!!


Last weekend we went on what is probably my dream vacation – a trip to Disney World!   We flew home early on Tuesday morning and since getting back to New York I’ve been working to bring together the words to talk about not only how magical and special the trip was but also what it meant to me on the deepest levels. Being in Disney World really was everything the little boy like me could possibly want. I knew that we were going to have fun, but I had no idea that being in the Magic Kingdom would feel so well…. Magical and intense. There was a way in which I feel like I was able to be more of my(little)self outwardly and openly in the world than I normally get to experience which on top of all the magic that is Disney in general really sent me over the top and into a whole different rhelm. I want to do more writing about the experience of being there once I’m through the #DisneyDrop


I was realizing yesterday that Roving Pack has been out in the world for over four months now! Its been humbling and amazing to watch it go out into the world. I truly feel that Roving Pack is the best thing that I have ever written, and I’m thrilled to see the community connecting with it. An announcement that came right at the very very end of 2012 (and so I think a few people might have understandably missed it) is that Roving Pack now available as an ebook! I had many readers excitedly awaiting that so I was thrilled to make that happen. You can of course also get your very own copy of the print edition signed, dedicated, and sent directly to you!

A little plea for support: If you already have a copy and read it, please consider taking a few minutes and writing a review of it on amazon or goodreads, or you own blog if you’re a blogger!  This kind of support makes a HUGE difference to indie authors like me and can really help to get our books into peoples hands who might not otherwise have known about it. I’m always telling my author buddies (and anyone else who will listen) that I’ve truly been blessed to have the very best readers in the world – you guys are the reason I’m able to do this work, and I’m so grateful to everyone whose ever read my stories.

This week I’ve been making some pretty solid process on my new novel, Lost Boi – a queer gutterpunk retelling of Peter Pan. I’m working my way through fun and gritty chapter outlines at the moment, LONG. WAY. TO. GO.  But it feels really good to be writing on this scale again. Lost Boi is really feeling like the right big project to sink my teeth into after Roving Pack.