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 Are you starting your holiday shopping?  You know what makes a great gift? BOOKS!  Know what makes an even better gift?  Books purchased from indie bookstores or direct from authors and signed/dedicated to your friend/partner/crush/ex, your old GSA, former youth center or whoever else you’re holiday shopping for!This year for the holidays please consider the gift of Roving Pack- the novel Lambda Literary calls“Political, raucous, dark, and totally engrossing” and the Huffington Post says  is “a guiding light in the darkness of the false binary illusion of gender we’ve been too lazy to address”

The kids in Roving Pack even get into all kinds of mischief on Christmas – see what I mean:

“Date: December 25, 2002
It’s so weird not to be able to go to QYRC. I get why they have to be closed and shit, but for those of us without fucking family it really would be nice to have somewhere to go. Last night a new dyke moved in down the hall. I was surprised to see anyone moving in the day before Christmas! She was hella cute in her overalls and thermal shirt and bright red hair…..”


To find out what happens you’ll just have to read the book!  Order Roving Pack between now and December 10th  you’ll get this special set of one inch buttons featuring the original artwork by KD Diamond!!!! ::hint:: they make great stocking stuffers OR you can keep them for yourself 🙂