COMING SOON: Leather Ever After!

As you might have figured out by now, I tend to always be busy with one thing or another and although Roving Pack has released I haven’t really slowed down at all. One of the projects that has been keeping me incredibly busy has been my newest anthology Leather Ever After which is a collection of BDSM focused retellings of fairy tales!

I started working on it in the late winter and it’s been a lot of fun. The book contains the stories of some of my favorite kink writers and together the book is really smart, dirty and really organically showcases a lot of the diversity in Leather communities.  I’m also downright giddy that Laura Antoniou wrote the foreword for the book! I came up in leather reading The Marketplace and to think over a decade later that she’s someone I consider a buddy and that she was willing to introduce the anthology is incredibly special to me.

Thanks to the hard work of the contributors (and some tetras with my own schedule) I was able to get the manuscript completed early and sent off to Ravenous Romance right before I left for my Europe Tour nearly a full month ahead of the planned publication schedule!  This means that now as I’m just starting to actually recover from jet lag I’ve had exciting bits of news and pieces of the anthology appearing in my inbox back from the publisher! It’s a little bit hard to believe how smoothly things have gone, and how quickly the book will be with us! We’re looking at an ebook release before the end of the year and the print edition very early in 2013!  Don’t worry I’ll keep you all updated as I have more solid dates about when you can get your copy!

Over the long weekend I get to be curled up in my cozy little office going through the copy edited manuscript! I love this part of the book process where everything really comes together and solidifies into something that looks like a *real * book! I also got to have my very first peek at the cover art!  I shared it with all of the contributors last night, and I’m really excited that now I can share it with all of you!!!!!