a new review of Roving Pack from the weekend!

Roving Pack’s second review went up this weekend! Not only does it think the novel is good, but it engages with it really really intelligently, especially around issues of leather/kink community. The Leather content was something I knew I couldn’t cut from Roving Pack  and have it be the kind of book it needed to be, but I also knew it might keep some readers away.  That still might be the case, but I’m so thrilled that it’s also bringing other readers in, engaging them in really powerful ways and *hopefully* starting some good and interesting conversations.

“In Roving Pack, Lowrey does what I need from queer literature; ze unflinchingly tells an insider story, one rife with specificity, that documents a very particular queer leather culture in a very particular setting. I am very glad that this book is out in the world, doing its essential work…”

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