Please Pre-Order!!!!

I’m so excited about the release of Roving Pack it’s not even funny!!!

When I made the decision to publish Roving Pack out of our own imprint I also made the decision to go out of pocket to do so. I was committed to doing right by this book, to not allow it to be fundamentally altered by publishers who wanted me to tone down the leather/gender content. Part of doing it right also meant putting out a professional product. I might be a strong writer, but I knew there were many things I couldn’t do.  I was committed to hiring the best artists/editors etc. in the community that I could find to work with me on this book. I had an editorial team of beta readers, a editor who pushed me hard me through the entire writing process, a pro copyeditor, an artist who created the art for the cover, a layout person etc.   It was important to me to hire queers in our community and to actually pay them for their services.

Authors, especially indie queer authors don’t make a lot of money from the books that we write.  Once the book hits Amazon and other outlets, the amount of money per-book I make will be somewhat minimal. That’s part of why the pre-orders are so important.  I had a picnic yesterday with some friends who encouraged me to be transparent with my readers/community about why the pre-orders are so important and as awkward as I feel about it, I know that they are right.  I am beyond grateful for all of the support that the community has been giving me surrounding Roving Pack. I’m still in shock at the amazing blurbs the book has been getting from the best of the best in the queer literature world – check them out:  I can’t wait for y’all to have the book in your hands!

If you’re planning to purchase a copy of Roving Pack for yourself, as a gift, for your old GSA, etc etc. etc.. I’m asking for you to do it now directly from me, because these pre-orders are really my time to recoup the money that I put into publishing the book. When you purchase books as part of the pre-orders not only are you going to get a signed copy of Roving Pack before hit hits the shelves, and special release edition one inch buttons based on the cover art by KD Diamond, you’ll also be supporting me as an indie author!

Pre-order directly from me online at: