not ashamed to admit the internet can make me cry.

Tonight I stumbled up onto the “Book Recommendations” at In Other Words Feminist Bookstore – my first home bookstore, the place that gave me my first writing award  (i’ve written a bit about them before when I got to tour there a year and a half ago with Kicked Out). The posted recommendations come from local Portland book clubs, and organizations — one of which is SMYRC the local queer youth center– the organization that raised me up, back in my (and its) crustier days. When I hit the page the first thing I noticed was that SMYRC had selected Kicked Out as one of their four recommended books.  I don’t want to sound so dramatic, but I started crying.  Damn. Were it not for SMYRC I wouldn’t be here, and were it not for In Other Words I wouldn’t be an author.  There’s nothing quite like having my work recommended by the folks that saved me, raised me, taught me how to build family, make art, and organize.  SMYRC in so many ways made me who I am and to have them now recommending my book?! Damn. ::cue major happy tears::