happy 10th birthday Mercury!!!

the day we met

It’s hard for me to believe but this weekend my little angel turned 10 years old this past weekend. Mercury is the little dog who literally saved my life. As a puppy he gave me a reason to wake up, keep a roof over my head, and took care of me. He’s been with me through my numerous gender changes; pre-T, on T, off T, back on, and then finally off and so many more complicated nuances. This little dog moved with me from basement to shack again and again and we spent everyday together at the queer youth drop in center where he got the best socialization imaginable.  We came into each others life as I was grappling with trying to figure out

Mercury has seen me through some of the most turbulent years of my life, watched as I flitted in and out of bad relationships, and was there as I built a life with my partner 8 years ago. I adopted Mercury at six weeks old and he’s been my constant companion and little shadow ever since. This little dog has seen me from lost punk boy to the life of a stable queer author with a close chosen family that when he and I came together I couldn’t even dream of.  When my little angel and I met I was so lost, wounded and raw. In the year leading up to us finding each other I’d lost my parents, home, birth family, most of my friends, become homeless, had my heart broken and ground into the pavement by my first lover and most significantly lost the dogs who meant the most to me in the entire world.  When I met Mercury I wasn’t sure that I could love a dog again, truth be told I wasn’t even sure if I was capable of

baby punks

loving anyone. I definitely didn’t believe I was worthy of being loved, nor did I know how to let my armor down enough to let anyone love me. Then I met this little (at the time) three pound dog who was intensely focused on keeping me safe. Mercury taught me how to love, and trust,  and he put me back together and built me up.

Mercury’s been my constant companion, my little shadow through so much. Now at ten he’s pretty grey around the edges, and moves a little slower but we’re as inseparable as we’ve ever been.  When I began writing Roving Pack – which is somewhat (not so) loosely based on the punk boi I was in the early 2000’s I initially wrote the book without the main character having a canine sidekick, but there was  just something missing.  This last year during the most radical revision to the novel I finally stopped fighting, and included the character of Orbit a dog whose face now graces the front cover and who is based on little Mercury. With the edition of one little dog the book came together, my characters leapt from the page. It feels extra special to have memorialized him as a character in Roving Pack just in time for his 10th birthday.

Here’s to another decade little man, lets see how many adventures we can have…..

p.s. Mercury says: “please celebrate my birthday by pre-ordering Roving Pack– my face is on the cover AND is one of the special edition pre-order buttons”www.RovingPack.com