proofs approved and Charles Rice-González blurbs Roving Pack!

Late last week I finished reading the print and bound copy of Roving Pack for the very first time. I am, without a doubt my own worst critic – I am far more demanding of myself than I would be of anyone else, and yet as I finished reading the final page and closed the book I was satisfied, no more than satisfied I was pleased and could actually see and believe that I’d done a good job. Thanks to the hard work of my editorial team, I actually feel like I truly nailed this book. Roving Pack does everything that I’d hoped it would do and more when while on the road with Kicked Out I started playing with these little starts of stories. This weekend I was also able to approve the print proofs – and then my wonderfully supportive partner took me out for a date of ice cream and vintage pac man. As hard as it is for me to actually believe, there really is no denying that we’ve now officially gone to press!


In the midst of all the book excitement this weekend got the incredibly exciting news that the amazing Charles Rice- González  blurbed Roving Pack!   Check out the wonderful things he had to say about the novel!!!


“Sassafras Lowrey is an urgent and vital voice in contemporary queer literature and with Roving Pack, a harrowing, hilarious and hip page-turner, ze takes the reader along for a wild and wonderful ride through a blossoming young queer culture that’s expanding how we experience gender, express love and create community. “

–      Charles Rice-González




I’m beyond humbled by how authors in the community who I have really admired and have looked up to for years have come forward and blurbed the novel. This was a pet project of mine, one that struggled to find a publishing home and to be sitting here two months before the official release with so much community support behind it/me is truly overwhelming.


p.s. you can still pre-order Roving Pack. Folks who order the book will receive one of the first copies ever printed signed/dedicated and delivered right to your door complete with special release edition one-inch buttons featuring KD Diamond’s brilliant cover art