S. Bear Bergman blurbs Roving Pack!!!!!!!

I think it’s finally starting to sink in for me that Roving Pack  will be here in just a couple of short months.  With the manuscript safely to the fabulous layout person, i’ve begun turning my attention to plans for the release – online, in new york, in other cities, and the European tour that Kestryl and I have booked which coincides with the release (more details coming soon).  

I’ve also been putting a lot of focus into the preliminary planning for the pre-sale of the novel!  There was some joke searching into the possibility of a special “scratch and sniff” edition. You’d be surprised what sort of scents you can get as scratch & snif stickers – I found a site where I could get “ashtray, beer, body odor, garlic, leather, mildew, spaghetti” I figured combining those would come up with a pretty realistic punkhouse smell 😉  Don’t worry though I’ve decided to keep the special pre-sale copies of Roving Pack a little less…… aeromatic.   I’ll be announcing all the details about the pre-sale in the coming weeks so please keep checking back at the blog for more info! 

Most excitedly this week came more support for Roving Pack from queer literary folks!!!! I just about fainted when I checked my email and saw the super sweet things that Bear had to say about the novel!!! Check it out!!!!

“Bittersweet, engrossing, richly textured and redolent of truth – a harrowing but incredibly rewarding read.”

   S. Bear Bergman

Butch is a Noun, The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You