Zoe Whittall blurbs Roving Pack!!!!!

This has been quite the weekend for Roving Pack . I sat and actually looked at a calendar- oh goodness! It’s really hard to believe just *how * soon the release actually is! I know the summer is just going to fly by which is a little nerve racking, but mostly it’s exciting. I’m so. damn. excited. To be able to get this book out into the world.

Last week the first promotional postcards came made with the exquisite cover art from the one and only KD Diamond, which I’ll start distributing this week. On Sunday I had formally moved forward with hiring someone for the layout of the book, and feel really great about having made that decision for this project. Roving Pack also now has its very own ISBN !!!! This is a particularly nerdy moment of excitement but something that makes the release feel very very real

AND as if that wasnt enough excitement for one author, over the weekend I received more blurbs for Roving Pack from authors who I really admire!!! There’s nothing quite like queer authors who’s books I read before I was writing professionally reading this novel and liking it enough to endorse it! Zoe Whittall is one of my favorite queer novelists. Her novel Bottle Rocket Hearts remains one of my alltime favorite books and I was so thrilled to be in the audience and watch her newest novel Holding Still For As Long As Possible win a Lammy! I’m beyond thrilled and completely overwhelmed that she wrote an endorsement blurb for Roving Pack! Check out what she has to say!!!!!!

“Roving Pack is a rough and tumble, tender-hearted novel that grips you in its teeth and won’t let go. A satisfying debut by a writer to watch.”

Zoe Whittall

Holding Still For As Long As Possible, Bottle Rocket Hearts