The Harder She Comes blog tour

When DL King asked me to be a stop on the blog tour for her new anthology ‘The Harder She Comes’ I was delighted to help.  With that in mind I bring you today’s guest blog!

The Harder She Comes blog tour presents:

A Guest Post from Valerie Alexander, author of  “A Date with Sharon Tate”

I’ve always loved butch-femme themes. In college, I was always getting sniffed at for “looking straight,” so it was immensely gratifying to walk into my femme identity and own my girliness with pride. But of course it was finding butches -crushing on them, dating them, hunting for them – that made me swoon.

So when I read about a butch femme anthology submission call, I knew I had to write something for it. My story, “A Date with Sharon Tate,” is about a cheating (and now repentent) butch desperately trying to woo back her ex-girlfriend. Eventually they reconnect at a Dead Movie Star Party but it doesn’t go smoothly at first:

I walked over until I towered over her. Shandra had always liked how tall I was and she bit her lip now and looked up coquettishly as if waiting to be kissed. I didn’t touch her. Instead I leaned in close to her and said, “I built a treehouse too. You should come out and see it.”

She frowned. I had made a tactical error by using my sex voice. “Don’t hit on me. You know I’m here with April.”

“Fuck April,” I said. “Just go on one date with me. We’ll start over. You can have all the time you need to trust me again.”

Shandra made a scoffing noise. “I’m a married woman now.”

I laughed. I couldn’t help it, it was such an obvious exaggeration intended to hurt me. Now Shandra looked furious, her face going red under the makeup. I’d forgotten how gorgeous she was when she was mad. She started to leave and I took her arm to stop her.

“Don’t manhandle me,” she said.

I released her arm. She didn’t move and I leaned my leg against hers. She looked at the sink, looked at the new tiles. Then she looked at me.

My mouth was on hers in less than a second, recapturing all the heat and sweetness of her tongue. She kissed me back just as passionately and I leaned in to pin her against the counter. I wanted to smell and taste every part of her but her tight vintage dress had her pretty much imprisoned as my hands stroked her breasts and legs. “One date,” I said in her ear, “one date, your terms” because I wanted her to agree to a meeting beyond this momentary lapse in sanity. I lifted her up and sat her on the black granite countertop and she leaned back and opened her legs for me. Oh my god. She was wearing a thong, just a little scrap of white fabric, and before I could even go near it, she slid it down herself, spread her thighs and looked at me. She wanted me to fuck her. The sex between her and that stupid girlfriend was as boring as I’d guessed, and she needed me to fuck her hard and good just like I used to.

I like writing from a butch perspective (even though in real life, my bathroom looks like a Sephora blew up in it) which I suppose is kind of an alter-ego thing.  At any rate, the entire book is a hot read, with a lot of titillating diversity in the stories. You can get it at from Amazon or Cleis.

Don’t forget to stop by the rest of the tour, or check out what you’ve already missed. And of course you can always stop by and visit me (, too.


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