Kristyn Dunnion blurbs Roving Pack!!!!!!

I’ve learned over the years that next to the feedback of readers who have been impacted by your work, there are few things more powerful than having authors who you really respect tell you they read your book, and were hailed by it.  There’s something about having someone whose books you’ve looked up to and read for years pick up *your* book and connect to it. I struggle even to find the words to describe how good it feels that they really got your characters and found the meanings you were carefully burying like treasure between lines.  I’ve been privledged enough to have a couple of those moments in the last few weeks – first when Mattilda blurbed Roving Pack, and now again when the fabulous author Kristyn Dunnion just sent me a fantastic blurb for the novel! I fell in love with Kristyn’s writing when I first read her novel Mosh Pit, and stalked online book retailers to purchase The Dirt Chronicles before it even released in The States.  She’s one of the few authors I know of who can really accurately and authentically write about  the beauty and gritiness of queer punk kids.  Having her connect to my work, to the queer punk world and characters I created in this novel, and be willing to blurb Roving Pack is incredibly exciting and really humbling. Wanna see the blurb?!  I can’t keep it a secret anymore, so here it is!!!!


Fucking A. Sassafras Lowrey takes ‘queer punk’ to a whole new level of insidious drama. Roving Pack cracks out the microscope to examine this Portland-based scene circa 2002 – whether or not the rest of the world can take it. My guess? Hella no!

~Kristyn Dunnion, Author of The Dirt Chronicles and Mosh Pit