going to visit my old GSA

I’m so excited to be parting with the organization Live Out Loud next week to via the magic of  SKYPE and the internet to  be going to vist the GSA at Clackamas High School where I graduated from ten years ago this spring. I’ve never had much interest in anything like a high school reunion, but I’m thrilled about the opportunity to visit the students currently involved with the GSA.  See, 10 years ago I was a founding member of that GSA, the first one that the school had ever had.  We fought administration for the right to have it, and dealt with the harassment and violence in the hallways from our classmates and threats of shutdown from parents who believed we were “leading kids down the path to hell.”  I’m profoundly proud of that first LGBTQ organizing work that I did a decade ago which is at the root of all the work I do today.   Really looking forward to meeting the students in the GSA and will be sure to update everyone on what the experience of being back at Clackamas High School was like!