‘you have to take the dive. And you do not know what the result will be…’

Folks that know anything about me probably have some knowledge of how important picture books are to me. They are beautiful, tricky and dangerous works of art and storytelling that are far too often written off by people as meaningless, and simple.  Picture books are how I have come to make sense of myself and the world.

Today I watched this incredible short film interviewing Maurice Sendak – one of my favorite authors/illustrators who does phenomenally deep, powerful and dangerous work.  He has some really intense and wonderful messages about the creative process, creating

Artists have to take a dive. And either you hit your head on a rock and you split your head and die or the blow to the head is so inspiring that you come back up and do the best work you ever did. But you have to take the dive. And you do not know what the result will be.” – Maurice Sendak

These are exactly the words that I needed to hear right now as I’m deep in the work on ‘Roving Pack’ my queer teen punk novel to be released next autumn.  Late last week UPS dumped a little miniature punk house in my living room in the form of a nine pound box from a very dear old friend on the west coast.  We were bois together, tranny faggots whose lives were very entangled in the punk houses of Portland. Over the past couple years we’ve gotten back in touch mostly via text message– rubbing scars against one another like the scratch of a match igniting memory. She sent me this box filled with photos, zines, art, CD’s and event flyers from that shared past  life with the to inspire and encourage me as I take a deep dive with this new book…..