Oakland library includes Kicked Out in their 2010 reading list for LGBTQ teens!

Have I mentioned how much I love libraries? Libraries are some of my favorite places to visit, and were incredibly influential in the creation of Kicked Out.  Three days after I was kicked out for the last time I went to the local library and looked at every single book shelved under “homosexuality.”  I was looking for answers, I was looking for stories, I was looking for proof that I wasn’t alone. I found nothing. There were zero books that talked about homeless queer youth, and I felt even more isolated than when I walked into the library.  Sitting there on the floor of that community library I made a promise to myself, I told myself that if I survived that I was going to make a book so that no other homeless queer kid would ever feel alone again.  That was the dream for what all these years later has become Kicked Out.

Because Kicked Out’s roots are so connected to libraries, getting it on the shelves in public libraries is really important to me.  For lots of queer kids the library is one of the few places where they can safely access LGBTQ books. That’s why I was so excited this afternoon when I found out that the Public Library of Oakland has included Kicked Out in their  2010 Reading List for LGBTQ Teens!

Huge thanks to the folks in the Oakland Library system for including Kicked Out amongst all these other great titles!
Is Kicked Out in your local library? There’s this really great system that lets you check what libraries across the United States have a particular book in their system called World Cat. Interested in seeing who has Kicked Out? Just click here I hadn’t checked the listing for a few months and the number of libraries with Kicked Out is continuing to grow, especially in smaller towns/communities which I really love.  Some of these libraries even have several copies of the book!
If your local library doesn’t carry Kicked Out, please consider requesting that they buy a copy. My librarian friends tell me that libraries listen to what community members say they want to be reading!