mention in the GLBTRT Newsletter!

the GLBTRT Newsletter which is a publication of the Gay, lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered Round Table of the American Library Association’s  Winter newsletter has been released and there is a wonderful article titled ‘Kid Stuff: About young readers for people who care” that mentions Kicked Out!  The article says”

“When adding titles to the purchasing list, I highly recommend two books that vividly illustrate the pain suffered by young people in identifying an alternative gender identity. The first, Kicked Out, made me cry. The 25-year-old editor, Sassafras Lowrey, has collected the voices of current homeless LGBTQ youth (currently comprising 40% of all our country‘s homeless youth) and older people who share their stories of survival and abuse after identifying their gender identity with parents. Tales of power gained from the struggles of finding families blend with journeys through the pain of physical and emotional rejection that leads to attempted suicide, prostitution, drugs, and deadly diseases. The impact of reading these narratives cannot be described; the book must be experienced. I thank Homofactus Press for publishing Kicked Out.”

you can see the full article here