Kicked Out receives a SECOND honor from the ALA!

Last week I shared the exciting news with you that not only was Kicked Out included in the 2011 Over The Rainbow Book List, but it was included in that list’s top 11 books!  This is a list compiled every year by the American Library Association for the top LGBTQ books for adults. I was and am overwhelmed by the honor of being included on that list, and what it would mean for our goal of getting Kicked Out into more libraries and thus into the hands of the folks who need it the most.

TONIGHT I received even more exciting news.  The American Library Association also compiles a list of the top LGBTQ books for youth from birth to age 18 called the Rainbow Project List.   It feels unreal to me, but not only was Kicked Out included on that list, BUT it was honored as one of the top 10 books published last year!!!!! As if that were not a big enough honor, Kicked Out is the ONLY book to be considered a top book the Rainbow Project List AND the Over The Rainbow  List!!!!!!!

I just found out the news and wanted to share it with all the contributors and with our supporters but honestly I don’t think it’s sunk in yet for me. I don’t have the words to describe how special this is, I’m overwhelmed and overjoyed that this book which started out as a little dream so many years ago is not only real and out in the world, but that it’s received both of these honors which are going to help it get into the hands of so many people.