Sassafras Lowrey got hir start writing as a straight-edge queer punk zinester in Portland, Oregon, and grew up to become the 2013 winner of the Lambda Literary Emerging Writer Award.  Along the way, ze changed coasts, and genders.  Hir first book, the Kicked Out anthology, gathered voices of current and formerly homeless queer youth alongside policy makers and activists, and was honoured by the American Library Association and the Lambda Literary Foundation. Hir debut novel, Roving Pack 
chronicles the underground lives of gender-radical queer youth searching for identity, community, and belonging.  Roving Pack was honored  by the American Library Association and won a Rainbow Book Award for Transgender Fiction.   Sassafras is the editor of Leather Ever After, which received an Honorable Mention for the National Leather Association Writing Award.  Sassfaras’ newest novel Lost Boi is  American Library Association honored and  was a Lambda Literary Award Finalist for Transgender Fiction. Lost Boi is a queer/punk retelling of Peter Pan and was released from Arsenal Pulp Press. Sassafras’ latest, a novella A Little Queermas Carol was a Lambda Literary Finalist in the Science Fiction/ Fantasy/ Horror category

Sassafras’ work has received acknowledgement and awards from the Astraea Foundation Lesbian Writers Fund, Poets & Writers, and Queer Heroes of the Pacific Northwest.  Sassafras has toured widely, giving readings, workshops, and keynotes at colleges, conferences, bookstores, festivals, and squats ranging from Atlanta to Berlin to Oakland to Amsterdam.  Ze has contributed to numerous anthologies and publications. Sassafras lives and writes in Brooklyn with hir partner, and their beloved menagerie of dogs and cats.


Lambda Literary Foundation Betty Berzon Emerging Writer Award Winner – 2013

Lambda Literary Award Finalist- Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror (A Little Queermas Carol) – 2017

BarkTANK Finalist – 2016

Lambda Literary Award Finalist – Transgender Fiction (Lost Boi) – 2016

American Library Association Top LGBT Books for Adults (Lost Boi- 2016

International Leather Association- Writing Award Finalist (Lost Boi) – 2016

Rainbow Award Honorable Mention (Lost Boi) – 2015

International Leather Association- Writing Award Honorable Mention (Leather Ever After)- 2014

Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (Leather Ever After)- 2014

Queer Hero of the Pacific North West – 2013

American Library Association  Rainbow Book List (Roving Pack) – 2012

Rainbow Book Award Transgender Fiction  2nd Place Winner (Roving Pack)  – 2013

Rainbow Award Honorable Mention (Leather Ever After) – 2013

National Leather Association International Writing Award Honorable Mention  (Leather Ever After)- 2014

Top 100 Women. GO Magazine  – 2012

Astraea Foundation Lesbian Writers Fund Honorable Mention – 2011

Lambda Literary Foundation Finalist (Kicked Out) – 2011

American Library Association Top 10 for 2011 Rainbow Project List (Kicked Out) –  2011

American Library Association Top 11 for 2011 Over The Rainbow Book List (Kicked Out)- 2011

Poets & Writers Readings & Workshops Funding – 2010

Birmingham Out Open. SHOUT Festival – 2009

Top 100 Women. GO Magazine – 2009 

Portland Oregon Top Emerging Writer. In Other Words – 2004


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