Kestryl Cael is available to perform, lecture, and/or teach workshops at your college, university, conference, organization, or town.  Here’s how you can make that happen!

  • Choose possible dates:  Kestryl Cael’s availability varies.  The sooner we can start scheduling, the better!
  • Figure out a budget: You will need to cover travel, lodging, and an honorarium.  Kestryl Cael will try to work with your resources, but you might need to partner with other organizations or do some fundraising.
  • Choose a performance: Currently, Kestryl Cael is touring with XY(T) and 348.  Both performances require theatrical space and some technical support.  You could also select a reading, a lecture or a keynote instead, if theatrical space is not available.
  • Choose a workshop (or two): Kestryl Cael offers a range of workshops.  Choose a couple that best suit the needs of your community.
  • Contact Kestryl Cael: Once you’ve thought through these logistics, get in touch with Kestryl Cael or PhinLi Bookings to book your event(s)!