Traitors without (T)reason



Traitors without (T)reason

Written and Performed by PoMo Freakshow (Kestryl Cael and Sassafras Lowrey)

Kestryl and Sassafras are a queer couple that, despite their best efforts, pass as straight more often than they like to admit. Perforating privilege and complicating queerness, Traitors without (T)reason explores the betrayal, invisibility, sacrifice, subversion, and loss that are inextricably tied into public passing. Are you with us or are you against us?

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Traitors without (T)reason premiered on July 14, 2008, at Dixon Place in New York, NY, as part of HOT! The 17th Annual Celebration of Queer Culture.

PoMo Freakshow is currently considering options for the our next performance(s) of Traitors without (T)reason! Stay tuned!