Kestryl’s current pieces are:

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Transgender teenage rebel Cael cannot catch a break. Her Hot Topic proclivities land him in a lock-down institution that borrows discipline from Guantanamo and staff from the Church of Latter Day Saints. As Cael realizes why her mother locked him up, she wrestles with retribution, isolation, atonement and the meaning of madness in America.

Last seen at Dixon Place.


Do you have the balls to become a man? Delve into questions, contradictions, and characters exploring: TESTOSTERONE. Transgender butch Kestryl Cael strips layers of gender-self-sex-sanity pursuing his own masculinity. Are you ready to take it all off?

Previously seen at the FRIGID Fringe Fest!

Previously seen at The New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC)


Traitors without (T)reason

Kestryl and Sassafras are a queer couple that, despite their best efforts, pass as straight more often than they like to admit. Perforating privilege and complicating queerness, Traitors without (T)reason explores the betrayal, invisibility, sacrifice, subversion, and loss that are inextricably tied into public passing. Are you with us or are you against us?

Last seen at Dixon Place as part of HOT! The 17th Annual Celebration of Queer Culture!