Photo by Syd LondonKestryl Cael Lowrey is a dandy trans butch performance artist, writer, and educator.   Ze has taught and performed internationally at conferences, colleges, community centers, festivals, and local theatres. Whether on-stage or behind a podium, ze considers it hir artistic duty to engage hir audiences in provocative dialogue without letting them take hir (or themselves) too seriously.

Hir full-length solo performances include XY(T), 348, and RADCLYFFE: The Completely Honest and Mostly True Story of Victorian England’s Second Most Notorious Invert.  Kestryl wrote and directed the multi-character drama, Lez Miz, bringing the classic story of Les Miserables into a queer 21st century retelling.    Ze was a member of The Language of Paradox, a performance ensemble founded and directed by Kate Bornstein. Kestryl’s writing is published in anthologies such as Kicked Out, and ze is half of the performance duo, PoMo Freakshow.  Ze has written commissioned work for the “My America” project by CENTERSTAGE (Baltimore).

Kestryl Cael lives in Brooklyn with hir partner, two puddle-shaped cats, a dragon, and two dogs of dramatically different sizes.