bye October

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Nov 042016


^^ This pretty much sums up exactly how I feel in this moment! That said, my October was pretty awesome – i hope yous was too!
Highlight of the month for me was going to the pumpkin patch! That’s really my favorite part of October. I was going to dress up as my favorite Disney princess Venelope from Wreck It Ralph but the month got away from me and I wasn’t able to actually finish my costume which is a bummer – i guess it means i have a head start on next Halloween?
I did at least finish the Halloween costumes for my dogs – which probably was more important anyway! Mercury was Rainbow Dash, and Charlotte was Dash’ pet turtle Tank. Unfortunately there aren’t as many obsessive my little pony fans as I thought and EVERYONE in the park thought that Charlotte was a Ninja Turtle ::sigh:: Regardless they looked pretty adorable and were very amenable to being dressed up for their haloween weekend walks.
dinotopia_laft_coverI’ve been doing a pretty good job keeping up with reading a book a week – by far my favorite read of October was Dinotopia. I’m not really sure how I hadn’t ever read this book given my deep love of all things dinosaurs! Keep up with what I’m reading by following me on Goodreads! i love seeing what all of you are reading too!
The bummer of the month was getting the news that my book proposal to write a nonfiction book looking at the experiences of dog guardians who are experiencing homelessness did not win a book deal at BarkTank. I suppose the good thing here is that clearly my proposal was strong – since I was one of five finalists so if I decide that I really want to write that book it might be worth trying to shop it around to agents/publishers. Before this contest I hadn’t given much thought to the idea of writing a nonfiction book right now and i’m nto sure its’ the literary path that’s calling my name, but it’s nice to know it’s an option on the table.
I also did quite a lot of short form writing this month for a few different publications:
kink-logoThe Rumpus INSERT PICTURE I was the featured story on The Rumpus as part of their (K)ink column which spotlights different leather writers exploring the role that kink/leather plays in our personal and literary lives. I wrote a pretty intimate piece exploring the role of ageplay in my personal life and how that contributes to the ways in which I do queer world building on the pages of my novels.
Curve Column : my monthly pet column this month explored the intersections of queer rights and animal rights focused on the Montreal Pitbull ban. It was illustrated with lots of adorable pitbull photographs crowdsourced from my buddies on social media!
Dogster: This summer my dog Charlotte and I took an intensive online training class – it was fantastic and I got to review it on Dogster.
Stay turned for more! I had a few deadlines this month and expect that those stories will go up online at various outlets soon.
Preorders for A Little Queermas Carol are open! Be sure to reserve your copy now if you want to get a signed copy before it offocialy releases! I’m really excited to get to share this fun little project with all of you! I did my first interview about the novella last week, and have a few more reviews/interviews scheduled over the next couple of weeks – it’s a really fun project!
I have also scheduled a release event at Bluestockings Bookstore here in NYC. I’ll be joined in sharing holiday readings by fabulous leather writers Laura Antionou and Ashley Young! It’s going to be such a fun night – we’re even going to have a little Christmas tree for everyone to trim! If you’re in the area I hope to see you there! 13900096_10209063222273879_5856216484147681029_nHere are links to FB event page  Fetlife event page
I think that November is going to be a bit of a whirlwind. There is of course the election where I am SO EXCITED to vote for my favorite Nasty Woman. I can’t wait to see her in the white house
It’s also just a few days before my partner and I go to Disney World!!! I have been counting down for this vacation literally for hundreds of days – I CAN’T WAIT! Disney is a really special sacred place to me and I’m really looking forward to being in that intensely magical and little focused space. We’re going to be in the parks for 4 days and attending Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! i’ll post LOTS of pictures on my various social media pages Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram – if you aren’t friends with me there please add me!
Oct 102016

pre-orderHaven’t you always wanted a christmas book by and for leather queers? Now we have one! Be the first to get your copy of celebrated queer author Sassafras Lowrey’s christmas novella!!!!



“Marley was dead. Unable to cope, Ebe wields their politics as a excuse to deny their desire for a Leather family. Trauma and imagination come to life through visions of drag queens and dolls, while Leather Daddies bake holiday cookies in this tender queer reimagined Christmas tale.”

If you’re planning to purchase a copy of A Little Queermas Carol for yourself, as a gift for the cute queer you’re crushed out on, your best friend, your ex, your play partners, your dungeon or punkhouse library (the possibilities are endless) I’m asking for you to do it now directly from me. These pre-orders are my primary opportunity to recoup all the money that I put into publishing the novella which included: hiring an artist to design the cover, professional copyediting, and a layout person to make this project look and feel like a real and beautiful book. When you purchase books as part of the pre-orders not only are you going to be supporting me as an indie author you’ll be getting a signed copy of A Little Queermas Carol delivered to you before it hits the bookstore shelves!!!

Pre-orders will ship in late November, will be signed and festively wrapped. Slip “A Little Queermas Carol” into the stocking of your favorite leather friend, or get a copy for yourself!




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Oct 082016

I’m finally allowed to share my exciting news from earlier this week! A nonfiction book I outlined about people experiencing homelessness with their dogs has been chosen as a FINALIST in the competition to win a book deal at BarkWorld!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oct 042016

October is here which pretty much for me is just the month known as Halloween!! and that means pumpkins and knee socks and hoodies! Autumn in NYC is one of my favorite times of year!

September was a super busy month for me, probably a little bit too busy. I spent most of the month working on some pretty intensive deadlines. For most of September  I was  wrapping up 5 major applications/submissions that were all due within about a week of each other! I’m in a phase of my writing where I’m trying to figure out my next big project so trying to throw a lot of  literary spaghetti at walls in hopes that something good will stick makes a lot of sense. I’m really pleased with all the work I did this month, but I did learn (again) that overextending myself that far isn’t very sustainable so I don’t plan to have that kind of deadlines schedule again anytime soon! I also read/blurbed a fabulous booking that will be releasing soon- September was packed!
September wasn’t all work – I actually fit a WHOLE LOT of really amazing fun adventures with my little family. We started the month with going upstate for labor day weekend staying in a tiny cottage with a sleeping loft, a campfire, and a stream for our dogs to play in right in the “backyard.” it was paradise and just the kind of relaxation I needed!  I also got an awesome pink pterodactyl puppet – who hopefully will be making more appearances on my social media pages in he coming weeks. 14192770_10209358571497425_271834378576941386_n
We also (thanks to Kestryl’s amazing good luck) and persistence scored tickets to the sold out Museum of Ice Cream – i have two words for you, SPRINKLE POOL! it was awesome.  we also checked out 29 rooms which is a huge artinstillation part of fashion week, and got to play in a panda themed ball pit, and finally late in the month we continued our annual tradition of going apple picking! yum!
September also brought the first session of my LGBT fiction reading group at The Center For Fiction. for our first session we read “Under the Udalla Trees” and had a fantastic discussion about the novel!  For this month the group will be reading “God In Pink” — can’t wait to hear with the participants think about it!
In September and thanks to my library card, I was successful with keeping up my 2016 personal reading challenge of reading a book a week – all of which I chronicle over on GoodReads (friend me to see what I’m reading!). My favorite things I read this month: “Poor Unfortunate Souls” (if you like cheesy but well done Disney stories – this is a great one) I also really enjoyed “Hot Dog Taste Test” which surprised me because I was afraid it would be too…. foodie? literary? idk and I really liked “Art Thinking”   which was an author with a full time day job really resonated with me. My least favorite thing I read this month was probably “Animals” and “We Should All Be Feminists” both of whom were big disappointments.
In September I finalized reviewing and approving print [proofs of “A Little Queermas Carol” my novella which will be releasing this autumn, just in time to add to your Christmas lists!!!!!!! I have the final proof in hand and it looks BEAUTIFUL.KD Diamond did a great job on bringing my vision for the cover art to life, I can’t wait to share it with all of you! Pre-order information will be posted here in the next few weeks, and mark your calendars now if you’re in NYC. I’ll be having a release event at Bluestockings Bookstore on Friday, December 2nd with special guest readings from Laura Antiniou and Ashley Young!!!
It’s a little unbelievable that this little novella project was able to come toghter into a real little book in time for Christmas this year – i’m so excited to share it with allof you, especially thequeer/leather/littles amongst you!!! 13900096_10209063222273879_5856216484147681029_n
October is going to be a fun month – it’s pumpkins and halloween (i’m busily working on crafting my halloween costume) and i *think * i know what both my dogs will be dressing up as! I also have some exciting articles that I have been working hard on that will be going to press this month! I’ll be sure to link to on my facebook/twitter !!!
Sep 012016


Summer is over! I mean it’s still a sauna here in NYC but I’m convinced that the end of August means the end of summer! This past month has been hot, and good, and super busy! I saw these pumpkins being unloaded in Chinatown earlier this week, so autumn better hurry up and get here!

In August  I finished editing my novella A Little Queermas Carol and got print proofs in the mail! They look awesome other than that I sent the WRONG version of the manuscript to be laid out! I feel like a total idiot, but it did give me a chance to do one more deep edit on the project. Thankfully the person doing my layout still has time to work on it and the novella will be relaid out in time to not have any impact on the release date!!! Woot!

I’m really excited about getting to share this project with all of you – it’s quirky, queer and fun! I’m especially excited that it centers ageplay/littles within the queer/little story without being erotic!  Keep checking back for pre-order information – I expect to open that up in early October!



I’m thrilled to announce that the NYC lease of A Little Queermas Carol will happen at Bluestockings Bookstore: Friday, December 2nd 7pm

Info about fantastic guest readers coming very soon!!!

The election is on all of our minds, so this month my pet column at Curve Magazine was all about how to get your cats & dogs ready and decked out in Hillary gear check it out! I also had the chance to write an article for The Center For Fiction’s “Author Picks” series – mine was a roundup of Top Queer Fiction!  I have a few more articles I’ve been working on this month that should be releasing this autumn that I’ll be sure to post on my facebook/twitter when they get published! 

I’m going to be facilitating a LGBTQ FICTION reading group at The Center For Fiction starting mid-September.  I believe there are still a couple of open slots! If you’re interested, all the registration information can be found here

I’m still keeping up with my book a week reading goal for the year and tracking my progress over on Good Reads! I met my initial goal of reading 50 books this year and read a pretty solid mix of things this month. Definitely on the bottom of the  list would’ve  the new Harry Potter. Such a disappointment. Favorite things read this month were pretty eclectic. “Princess Celestia and the Summer of Royal Waves” was excellent (as has the second half of my little pony season 6), I also really enjoyed “Another Brooklyn” by Jacqueline Woodson and “Here Comes The Sun” by Nicole Y. Dennis-Benn. This week I’ve been stretching a little out of my comfort zone and giving suicide squad graphic novels a chance even though they are way too violent for me, because all my little leather buddies are obsessed.

I went and saw Ghostbusters in the theater and am pretty obsessed! WHO YA GONNA CALL?!??  the characters of Holtzman and Abby in particular really spoke to me. I think Abby is totally under appreciated in the way that fatnes and femmeness gets devalued. She’s totally rad – and I really can sympathize with her takeout issues! Give that ghostbuster a reasonable ratio of soup to wonton!


Besides sending the novella off to layout the big news from August was that my little dog Mercury celebrated his 14th birthday in August! He’s been my sidekick since he was 6 weeks old so this birthday felt like a big milestone! He celebrated with a meat cake!

I’m getting ready to log off the internet for a few days (well except for uploading cute pictures of my dogs to Instagram) to hang out in the mountains of upstate New York. I’ve been pushing myself hard this month to get a lot of different writing done, and I’m very much looking forward to a break with my family!


Aug 102016


Please check back for pre-order info coming soon!

13900096_10209063222273879_5856216484147681029_nMarley was dead. Unable to cope, Ebe wields their politics as a excuse to deny  their desire for a Leather family. Trauma and imagination come to life through visions of drag queens and dolls, while Leather Daddies bake holiday cookies in this tender queer reimagined Christmas tale.


Like the best Christmas gifts, Sassafras Lowrey’s fantasia of a story is delightful, heartfelt, and exactly what you were hoping for, even if you didn’t know it. Ze has created the perfect queer holiday stocking stuffer for everyone on your list, whether they’re naughty, nice, or something in between.”

—Michael Thomas Ford, author of Suicide Notes and Lily


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Aug 102016



This week AWP announced what panels have been accepted for the 2017 conference, and the panel I am included on “Bringing LGBTQ Folk Forms into Our Literature” (so honored to have been asked to be part of this!!!) was accepted!

I’ve never been to AWP before – for whatever reason (probably a whole lot of internalized imposter syndrome) I’ve always considered it to be a space that’s out of my league, or kinda just in a different stadium than the one I play (write?) in! So here I am humming “playing with the big boys now” from the prince of Egypt movie (because that’s how I manage my self doubt!)  and planning my trip down to the conference in February!

I had thought about just going down for the day of my panel, but the conference registration costs the same regardless of if I go for one day, or the whole conference soooooo I’m going to go for the whole experience. Daddy booked my hotel last night (because that kind of thing totally overwhelms me) since shockingly to me hotels close to the conference were already booking up! Daddy also reminded me there are pandas at the DC zoo, so I definitely am going to need to take a little field trip from AWP to visit some pandas!!!!

Have you ever been to AWP? I would love to hear from other queer writers about what your experience has been like, and any suggestions you have for making the most out of the conference would be very welcome! All of the accepted workshops look AMAZING- it definitely seems like the challenge will be deciding what to attend!!!

Aug 022016

Is it already August?! I don’t know how this happened, but it means we’re closer to the autumn (and getting closer to our trip to Disney World) so i’m not complaining!

What was I up to in July???

  • Last week a reader sent me this AWESOME picture from Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, Oregon!  If you see my books out in the world please send/tweet/instragram pictures @ me!!! One of my favorite things is seeing my books out in the world!


*  My July started with reading as part of The Hustle reading series at WORD bookstore. The event is focused on the real working styles of writers, how we pay our bills, and how we organize our work. Definitely a fun event to be part of!
* In July Daddy and went on  gaycation up to Provincetown with our dogs. I went offline (other than to post cute dog beach photos) and it was EXACTLY what i needed. I spent every day playing in the water, having fun with my family, reading lots of books, and not checking my email! Definitely the break I needed.  I kayaked for the first time – we went out in the ocean all the way from town out to a lighthouse, and were surrounded by seals! Unfortunately the photos of seals didn’t turn out so you’ll just have to take my word for it. I did upload approximately three million pictures of my dogs on Facebook and Instagram so definitely check those out!


* For those of you who follow my dog writing – I’ve  been taking on online summer intensive training course from Absolute Dogs (based in the UK) with Charlotte. The class is specifically for reactive dogs and is game focused.It’s been fun to stretch my dog training brain muscles this summer and have an excuse to spend lots of time everyday training.  We’ve been seeing a LOT of success from the class, and I’ll be writing all about our experience later this summer on Dogster!
* Surprisingly I came home from gaycation to several invitations to write focused on all kinds of things from being a teenage runaway, being a little and my D/s dynamic with Daddy, to queer literature (clearly i should go on gaycation more often)! So I’ve hit the ground running with writing since being back in the city. It’s fun to be writing so much again — several of these pieces should be releasing in the next few months – i’ll update here, and as always on facebook/twitter when different things go to press.
* In July my PETS column at Curve Magazine was an emotional one talking about the pets of Orlando victims, and how as queer pet-parents we need to think about the safety of our own pets always, but especially in the aftermath of Orlando should something happen to us.
* The big news from July was finishing my leather/queer Christmas novella A Little Queermas Carol that will be coming out this holiday season! This has been a fun little project that grabbed my imagination and I”m so looking forward to being able to share it with all of you! I have been working with the fabulous artist KD Diamond (who did the cover art for my novel Roving Pack) to come up with something extra special for this novella (which I hope to be able to show you soon!)! Just this weekend I locked in the final version of the text and sent it off to be laid out! I feel so lucky to have readers that get as excited as I do about projects like this – and I can’t wait to hear what y’all think! especially the ageplayers!
* I’ve been reading lots of books – and keeping with my book a week goal. I’ve now surpassed my Goodreads 2016 goal of reading 50 books (currently at 56!). Follow me on Goodreads to checkout what I’m reading! Definitely my favorite books I read in July were  “Pit Bull: The Battle over an American Icon” and “Like a Woman” both of which were stellar in (obviously) different ways.
* Popculture babble: I tried to get into playing pokemon go because everyone here in Brooklyn was playing but I got a little bit board faster than I did with nekoatsume (since I don’t know the characters well). I did however (i don’t know how I’ve never seen it!) discover the movie Wreck It Ralph- which I’m pretty obsessed with now. Also so glad that season 6 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has turned itself around after a fairly disappointing start. I’m refusing to see Finding Dory because the reviews tell me it’s all a bio family reunification plot (eww) and also avoiding secret life of pets – because I hate stories of lost pets, I just want an hour and a half of them playing in their apartments (essentially an extended trailer would have made me happy)
* This fall i’ll be facilitating a LGBT Fiction reading group at The Center For Fiction here in NYC! It’s going to be really fun! Click here for more info about the class here as well as information about how to register!I know space is filling up quickly so please spread the word and register soon! We’re going to be reading: 1) Under the Udala Tree, Chinelo Okparanta 2) God In Pink, Hasan Namir 3) Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, Jeanette Winterson 4) Like Son, Felicia Luna Lemus 5) Life is Wonderful, People Are Terrific, Meliza Bañales
*  I’ll have a story in the print issue of Dogster Magazine this August – which should be hitting newsstands any day! This article is similar to some of mine that went viral last spring encouraging dog parents to obey leash laws to keep the world safe for reactive and other special needs dogs.
* Stay tuned for information about pre-ordering A Little Queermas Carol this fall!!!!


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Jul 012016

I took intentional time off from writing big projects  after the release of Lost Boi to let myself have the opportunity to enjoy the process of releasing that book. I’ve played around with different book-length projects but what really stuck was a project that took me a little bit by surprise! I ended up creatively falling in love with a novella (i’ve never written one of these before!) titled  “A little Queermas Carol.” It’s a queer/leather/christmas story- and I’m so excited to be able to share it with readers THIS CHRISTMAS season! I got the manuscript back from my copyeditor and am working on final edits of the novella now. I’m also working with the amazing KD Diamond (who did the cover art for Roving Pack) to design the cover for the novella. I got to see the preliminary sketch this week and thrilled with it! Stay tuned for more novella news in the upcoming months!


I’m going to be reading as part of The Hustle event at WORD Bookstore on June 10th! THE HUSTLE is a free every-other-month series that invites writers to discuss the hours they keep, the habits that support their work, how they pay the bills, how they read & write, the importance of community and much more. I’ve also been told there are donuts!



This fall i’ll be facilitating a LGBT Fiction reading group at The Center For Fiction here in NYC! It’s going to be really fun! Click here for more info about the class here as well as information about how to register!

Jun 072016


Sure, I’m sad/disappointed to have lost last night, but YOU: the queer freaks, genderf*cks, perverts, littles, punks, and runaways and your love for, and commitment to my books means more than any award ever could! so really, I kinda feel like the biggest winner after all even w/o the plexiglass trophy <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


+ my publisher is the sweetest



also my partner Kestryl and I looked fabulous on the red carpet, and I had an amazing night hanging out with some of my favorite queer authors!



HUGE congratulations to all the authors whose books were finalists and to the winners!