PoMo Freakshow is a queer artist’s company consisting of Kestryl Cael Lowrey and Sassafras Lowrey. We are committed to creating work which challenges norms, subverts assumptions, and pushes for social justice. In the spirit of the sideshow, PoMo Freakshow seeks to elaborate the limits of humanity. Much of what we do riffs on (the performance of) otherness, the vivid imagery of the “freak,” and the stark exposure rendered by separation from social norms. We aim to provoke our audiences into laughter, thought, and action.

Established in 2007, PoMo Freakshow produces interdisciplinary collaborative and solo work, including (but NEVER limited to): theatre, performance art, visual art, spoken word and slam poetry, storytelling, and film. We also teach writing and performance workshops and give lectures and keynotes.

Will PoMo Freakshow come to my town/college/festival/theatre?

Like the circus sideshows that inspire our name, PoMo Freakshow loves to tour. We offer a range of performances, workshops, readings, and lectures, and are happy to tailor performances to fit your event! For more information about current availability and fees, please email bookings@pomofreakshow.com.