Sep 172015

11659396_10206156803775233_2724255525844090836_nOh My Unicorns! It’s been a whirlwind since the release of Lost Boi but I  can’t believe I didn’t update the blog to tell you that at the very end of July I got word that Lost Boi was going into SECOND PRINTING!!! that’s right three months after the novel released Arsenal Pulp Press had to print more copies! squee!!!! I’m still pretty over the moon about it, and all the amazing press and personal reviews on social media the book has been getting!

Have you already read Lost Boi? Please consider leaving a review of the novel on Goodreads or Amazon – it really does make a huge difference in getting the book into the hands of new readers and, selfishly I love knowing what you thought of it!

Also – I was recently interviewed by Plentitude queer literary magazine about writing, touring, and who my dream cast for a movie adaptation of the novel would be! The whole interview can be found online here