Apr 202015

Last weekend was the NYC release event for Lost Boi and it was truly a magical night at Bluestockings! I think I was a little bit in shock that night, and it wasn’t until later in the weekend after SELLING OUT of copies at The Rainbow Book Fair on Saturday that it really hit me, this book is real, it’s out in the world and right now as I’m sitting in my house queer people are reading it!!!!!

This book has been such an amazing project to work on, and I truly could not have asked for a more incredible publishing process than the one I had working with the fantastic team at Arsenal Pulp Press. They were my dream publisher for this novel, and the book is truly beyond my wildest dreams. One of my favorite things about Lost Boi is the way in which it has been transformed into a gorgeous object. I’m not an ebook reader, and I love the experience of holding a beautiful book, but I never imagined that one I wrote would be made so pretty! Everything from the weight of the pages, to the cover flaps that have the book’s description on one, and my photo/bio on the other, to the map, to the way the pages are rough cut (there’s some word for this that I never remember) and look like a fancy old book!

I’m so thrilled that Lost Boi has released and is available! If you see copies of the book at your local bookstore please take a picture and share it with me on facebook/twitter/instagram – It’s so exciting for me to see pictures of the book out in the wild! Also, if you’re one of those queers whose reading Lost Boi right now please think about giving it a little review of Goodreads and/or Amazon when you finish reading and if you haven’t yet made up your mind if you want to read it, check out some of the nice things folks in the media have said about Lost Boi!


Roundup of Praise/Coverage for Lost Boi so far! 

Largehearted Boy Guest Playlist – it’s like a mixtape for the novel!

Lambda Literary says “Lost Boi begins by rejecting convention, but by story’s end it has in many ways bent and adapted convention to its own ends. It’s a counterculture fairy tale, but the way Lowery turns all expectations upside down and finds hope in the darkest corners is the real magic here.” Read full review here

Xtra: “Second Streetlight To The Right” 

The Lost Boi West Coast Tour is only 2 weeks away! See you soon SF, Vancouver, Seattle, PDX! 


May 4   SAN FRANCISCO       Booksmith Bookstore


May 6  VANCOUVER BC     Book Warehouse – Main Street

May 8  SEATTLE  Elliott Bay Bookstore

May 11   PORTLAND   Powell’s Bookstore –Hawthorne



Apr 152015

I can’t believe it, but Lost Boi really is here, and out in the world!!!!!!

If you find Lost Boi in your local bookstore will you take a picture and tag me on Facebook or Twitter? I’m so excited to see it out in the wild!!!

p.s. The official release is here in NYC this Friday (April 17th) at Bluestockings Bookstore! I