Dec 312013

Hard to believe that 2013 is almost over. It’s been an incredible year for and in so many ways i feel like 2013 was a year so much came together for me in terms of both getting my work out into the world,  and understanding the directions that I’m moving in with  my writing. Kicked Out and Roving Pack both had amazing years and  I am ending the year looking back at 12 incredible months so much of was made possible because of the amazing community support I’ve received from all of you!

2013 Highlights! 


* The release of Leather Ever After: an anthology of kinky fairy tales!  This anthology is simply FUN. It was a project that came together really suddenly when the publisher approached me after a leather storytelling event I curated and Leather Ever After was a total blast to put together! The book features some of the best leather writers out there, and includes a foreword by the one and only Laura Antoniou!  It just got another great review and am so excited it’s out in the world!

* In 2013 my writing appeared in several other people’s projects! I have stories in Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey where I give my queer leather response to the kink book mainstream culture has decided represents us, and No Safewords: A Marketplace Fan Anthology  where I got the chance to play in Laura Antoniou’s sandbox and write a story based on The Marketplace – one of my favorite series! I had several of my tweets about gender  published in Kate Bornstein’s updated “My New Gender Workbook”  the first version of this book set me off on my big gender journeys about 11 years ago and so it was a tremendous honor to be part of Auntie Kate’s update to the book! I also have a story about creating queer family in Stay Solid! A Radical Handbook For Youth — this is a fantastic collection of perspectives ideal for giving to teens you know

* Keynoting the 10th annual Oregon Queer Youth Summit – 10 years ago I was a queer youth organizer in Portland, Oregon and was part of creating the programming at the very first Oregon Queer Youth Summit! It was a tremendous honor that this year the organizers came to me and asked me to deliver the keynote for the 10th annual Summit!!!

* NYC Pride Rally  -I was one of the performers at NYC’s Pride Kickoff Rally on the Pier the Friday of Pride weekend. It was an incredible opportunity to be able to take the stage and read a story about building family and homeless queer youth on that giant stage – I also had Lady GaGa open for me! (how often does anyone get to say that??)

* In May I traveled to New Orleans for the annual Saints & Sinners queer literary conference. I’ve heard such amazing things about the conference over the years it was an incredible opportunity to not only attend but sit on several panels about writing and publishing (read more about it here). The highlight of the weekend for sure  and having the chance to meet and learn from the incredible Dorothy Allison who has been my biggest role model in writing.

* The literary highlight of my year was attending the 25th annual Lambda Literary Awards and walking across that stage to accept a Berzon Emerging Writer Award!!! This award means more to me than just about any award I could achieve- to be recognized by my community of queer writers was beyond magical.

* Traveling to Atlanta with Roving Pack as part of the literary events sponsored by Atlanta Pride happening at Charis  my favorite feminist bookstore. I got to finally meet Alysia Angel one of my favorite femme writers and share a fun weekend of queer storytelling at the bookstore and kickoff pride week in Atlanta!

* finishing the first draft, and the initial edit for my next novel Lost Boi – a queer and punk retelling of the peter pan story. Last New Years I set the goal that by NYE 2013 I would finish the first draft of the book – I exceeded that goal finishing the draft in October, editing it in November and sending it off to beta readers for December!

*All of the amazing letters/notes/emails/tweets/comments I’ve gotten from readers all over the world telling me about how you liked or connected with one of my books or stories. <3 <3 <3

I’m really excited for 2014 and can’t believe it’s almost here! In 2014 I’ll be turning 30, my partner and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary together and hopefully I’ll be getting lots of writing and revising done! I have some exciting literary projects in the works for 2014 and can’t wait to begin sharing them with all of you! Happy New Year!!!


Dec 122013

It’s hard to believe that 2013 is almost over! Every year for the past few years I’ve been honored to be included in the Band of Thebes queer book roundup where a bunch of queer authors get the chance to say what our favorite book of the last year was! This year my choice was Ragdoll House – click to see why and what books other queer authors selected!  it’s really overwhelming for me to think about what an incredible 12 months I was so excited this week to see the 25th annual Lambda Literary Awards having been included in the Slate Queer Event year in review – I know that accepting the Berzon Emerging Writer Award was THE highlight of my queer year! I’ve been a little behind in my regular blog updates here, something I hope to get back into the habit of now that my writing schedule has calmed down a bit – yes writing schedule. This year in addition to my solid focus on getting the word out about Roving Pack and Leather Ever After (and of course Kicked Out still) I’ve been writing a LOT.

In the last few months I was working on preparing Roving Pack for publication the plot ideas for my next book, Lost Boi  began to really solidify for me. Starting on January 1st I started writing with the intention of having a completed first draft by this New Years Eve.  Much to my own excitement things fell into place more smoothly than I anticipated they would and By October I had a completed first draft. I made the decision to spend a month working on editing the draft not with the intention of going in and fixing
everything, but cleaning up some of the glairing issues with structure, pronoun and name inconsistency, and other  basic readability issues with the draft. I spent the month of November doing that first round of touchups and then December 1st sent the book off to a close group of beta readers

is my favorite time of year, it’s the most sacred of reclaimed holidays for me, a time for recharging and recentering and so
mostly I’m taking the month of December off from novel writing concentrating on relaxing a little since this year has been so much writing, but also working on some shorter form pieces for anthologies – more exciting news about that coming soon, along with news about some other literary projects I have in the works!  As you might have noticed, I’m not all that great at taking time off so it hasn’t *just * been Christmas trees and playing in the snow with my dogs. I’m also starting to really make some plans about Lost Boi’s future which included an exciting dinner meeting last week with the incredible illustrator Katie Diamond who did the cover art for Roving Pack, and will be not only be doing the same for Lost Boi, but will also be doing a series of illustrations that will appear within the novel!  Here’s some quick doodles she did at the restaurant as I quickly walked her through all the main plot points in the book and we brainstormed about illustrations.

I’m so excited to be getting my beta reader’s  feedback on this initial draft of Lost Boi and to spend next year getting myself back to work  polishing and reworking this new novel!