Mar 182012

With all the exciting things going on, I haven’t yet posted about next weekend’s Rainbow Book Fair here in NYC  on Saturday March 24 !  it’s going to be a fantastic event filled with some fabulous leaders in LGBTQ publishing.  I’m thrilled to be part of this years event and curating a very special reading themed around “Dangerous Stories”   4-5:15 featuring:


Laura Antoniou  

Emanuel Xavier

Amber Hollibaugh

I’m going to be breaking out some new material from Roving Pack my novel to be released this autumn, and I hope to see you there!






Mar 162012

I’ve been keeping a secret for the past couple of weeks, and folks who know me know that I’m not very good with secrets, but now it’s time to spill the beans (Jack’s magic beans of course)   This afternoon I signed a contract with Ravenous Romance to edit a new anthology titled ‘Leather Ever After’ BDSM retellings of classic fairy tales!   This book has been a bit of a secret dream of mine for a little while now, and when the opportunity presented itself to edit the book well, lets just say it just seemed like a fairy tale ending ;)  The call for submissions (see below) is open until August 1st so please forward widely and start writing!  You know you want to tell me a story!

Call For Submissions:

Leather Ever After

BDSM retellings of classic fairy tales

Editor: Sassafras Lowrey

Publisher: Ravenous Romance 

Deadline: August 1, 2012

Payment: $25 plus a copy of the anthology

Story Length: 2,500 – 5,000 words

Once upon a time, in a dungeon far, far away, you were summoned to join the quest for the hottest and kinkiest retellings of your favorite fairy tales. I’m seeking hot, well-written stories about bondage, power play, sadism and masochism. Think dragon fire-play,  princesses in bondage,  evil step mothers, and happy endings too good to be true. Give me fantasy, or show me the magic all around us, when Prince Charming wins the leather contest with the help of his fairy drag-mother,  Rapunzel is entangled in hair suspension and the little mermaid edgeplays with knives. I’m looking for a strong literary voice and characters with a a diversity of race, sexual orientations and gender identities/expressions.  All characters must be over 18.   It’s time to write a new ending to your favorite bedtime story.

Submission Guidelines: Email submissions in Times New Roman 12 point black font Word document (.doc) with pages numbered of 2,500-5,000 words to . Please include your legal name (and pseudonym if applicable), short 50 word or less bio in the third person, mailing address, email, and title of the piece as part of your document.

About the editor: Sassafras Lowrey is an international award winning queer author and artist who came into a gutterpunk leather community a decade ago. Sassafras is the editor of the two time American Library Association honored and Lambda Literary Award Finalist Kicked Out. Sassafras’ first novel, Roving Pack, will be released autumn 2012, an excerpt of which earned hir an Honorable Mention in the Astraea Lesbian Writers Fund for Fiction. Ze tours to colleges,and community organizations across the country facilitating workshops that support LGBTQ and Leather people in telling their stories. Sassafras lives in Brooklyn, New York with hir Daddy, two dogs, and two kitties. You can learn more about Sassafras and hir work at



Mar 122012

I’m still flying just a little bit from the magic that was Queer Memoir: LEATHER last weekend here in NYC. I’ve organized a lot of events and each holds a special place in my heart but there was something truly extraordinary for me about this particular event. I realized in the days leading up to the event that although I’ve been involved in leather community for a decade this was the very first event that I’ve actually organized.  You can read more about the event itself and my reflections of it on a guest post at Leatherati and view the two incredible hours of storytelling online at Write Here, Write Now

Mar 012012

I’m so excited to be parting with the organization Live Out Loud next week to via the magic of  SKYPE and the internet to  be going to vist the GSA at Clackamas High School where I graduated from ten years ago this spring. I’ve never had much interest in anything like a high school reunion, but I’m thrilled about the opportunity to visit the students currently involved with the GSA.  See, 10 years ago I was a founding member of that GSA, the first one that the school had ever had.  We fought administration for the right to have it, and dealt with the harassment and violence in the hallways from our classmates and threats of shutdown from parents who believed we were “leading kids down the path to hell.”  I’m profoundly proud of that first LGBTQ organizing work that I did a decade ago which is at the root of all the work I do today.   Really looking forward to meeting the students in the GSA and will be sure to update everyone on what the experience of being back at Clackamas High School was like!