Feb 272011

Normally I review things like queer books, but this was a product I’ve fallen so deeply in love with, I couldn’t help myself from sharing with all of you.  I have really long hair, and while I enjoy the look of wearing it down I really hate it getting in my face, and like to keep it pulled back while commuting etc.

I needed some new hair clips and have been noticing these strange silicone ones making appearances in drugstores all over new york.  given that they were actually cheaper than the ones I would normally have bought I decided to give them a try.

Ok seriously, silicone is not just for sex anymore! Only with hair silicone is incredibly anti-slip which um…. yeah opposite of what I’d be looking for in the other scenario ;)

Essentially, I can’t recommend these enough, especially if like me you have hair thats slippery!  For those of you with longer hair, what are your favorite hair bands/clips etc. ?

Feb 052011

Edge Los Angeles just published a great review of Kicked Out!

“Finally, especially now that the American Library Association has taken notice, kicked-out queer kids can find the guidebook that Sassafras herself wished she’d had. With Kicked Out, Sassafras Lowrey has put together a gritty manifesto of hope that has been all too absent in the public discourse on youth and LGBTQ issues.”

you can read the full review here

Feb 052011

This month write about something you love about being a femme, or  something you love about femmes, or write about something that you love doing as a femme.  Essentially treat this prompt as a way to celebrate your love of femme as an identity and/or way of being in the world.

*** Disclaimer – i know that lots of folks hate Valentines day.  It’s not even a holiday that my partner and I celebrate, however pink and red is one of my favorite color combinations of all time, and i adore hearts aesthetically, and cherish love in general so…..