Apr 192008

Announcing new collaborative work from Kestryl Cael and Sassafras!

Now officially in development, we have a new project titled Traitors without (T)reason:

You’re either with us or against us. The division is knee-jerk, with the marriage-craving mainstream lesbian and gay population on one side, and the queers seeking radical change on the other. The opposition is fiery, an inter-community battle that starkly divides a world into two camps. Crossing from one to the other, even temporarily, is hypocritical, tantamount to treason.

As a queer couple that passes as straight more often than we would like to admit, our performance seeks to perforate automatic attributions of privilege and complicate the community-enforced borders of queerness. Using movement, monologue, vignette, interaction, and a bit of personal experience, Traitors without (T)reason explores the themes of betrayal, privilege, invisibility, sacrifice, subversion, and loss that are inextricably tied into public passing.

Keep watching here for updates on when and where you’ll be able to see this exciting new collaborative piece!

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